Catch More Potential Customers with Exit Intent

68% of all users that show a high interest in purchasing will not buy from you.
However, using exit-intent popups can reduce this percentage down to 30%.

Let exit intent technology work for you

3 Clicks, the rest is up to Adoric.


Exit intent is a user behavior trigger that fires when the algorithm detects an user is about to leave your website by heading his mouse towards the directions exit buttons.


All you have to do is choose the exit intent trigger and the rest is Adoric’s job.
Comparing time and effort to results, exit-intent popups is the best solution to cut down cart abandonment rates.

*Within minutes and with no hustle

More sales

Extract the most of your potential costumers

Increase conversions rates

Encourage users to finish an action before
they leave the website to progress in your sales funnel

Boost sales

Seduce potential customers before
they leave with limited offers.

Psychologically effective

Take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out)
by giving users last chance exit offers.

Build customer relationships

Build your email list or gather leads with the power of the last moment.

Build your email list

You are bound to strengthen your email marketing with when gathering emails on exit intent. Include a form in your exit popup and start collecting emails from potential customers.

Gather hot leads

Exploit the power of the last moment to let users leave their contact details. Keep in touch with readers.

Enhance your remarketing

Attach a cookie to your exit intent lightbox call to action and build a qualified audience for your remarketing campaigns.

Don’t interrupt users

Let users enjoy a flowing User Experience without interrupting them. Easily choose to transmit your message or offer only when they are about to leave the website.

Multi-device conversion optimization

62% (And increasing) of all users have made a purchase online using their mobile device in the last 6 months. Take advantage of it.

Multi device

Work in Mobile & Tablet as well

Super freindly creation

Take your created overlay and make it availabe on Mobile & Tablet within one click!

No effort required.

Zero code involved – Just choose exit intent trigger when creating your overlay.
Why bother with any script building, tutorials, jquery, javascript, angular or bootstrapping your exit intent modal?
You can have a professionally designed exit intent overlay ready within minutes, without the effort, and free!

Get insipired from the best

Easily understand what makes an exit intent overlay to convert really well by seeing how we did it.

Proved examples

We have some exit intent popup examples so you can see how to it in the best way. These examples are proffesionally designed and loaded with psychological principles to drive more conversions.

Use as templates

Take these exit intent popup examples and implement
them in your website just by picking a template.

Easily use exit intent on every site

Show exit intent overlay to action in your website by just putting
your Adoric code on every webpage you want.

Google tag manger



WordPress plugin


And more

Connect your email provider with a click!

Adoric is proud to work with global, renowned brands.
Be part of our successful journey.


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Achieve your goals.

Engage with your visitors today

Adoric is a powerful CRO & lead generation tool.
  Our Light Boxes based platform enables predictive targeting.
Results are promised to come.