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Amplify your website ROI by using targeted inbound lightboxes optimized for a high conversion rate

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Adoric kicks in path 22% conversion uplift

Personalize your inbound marketing

Watch your conversions grow as we engage your visitors with personalized and more relevant lightboxes

Your visitors

What are your marketing goals?

Let Adoric optimize the funnels that lead the visitors directly to your goals
  • Get new clients from your site's traffic in various clever ways Generate more leads
  • Your site becomes a talented salesman, fully automatic Increace sales and revenue
  • The gap between a visitor and a client gets a lot smaller when they’re on your emails lists Grow your email list
  • Hey buyer! hold up - I think we have other products you might like Upsell offers to your customers
  • Deliver incentives throughout your site to improve signup conversions Grow your signups
  • With our wide variety of templates your site will enjoy various optimized promotions Offer cross-site promotions
  • Thicken the bottom of your funnels with various tools for increased conversion rate Increase funnels conversions
  • adoric interacts with your visitors before exiting and gives you another chance to convert them to clients Drop your bounce rate
intelligent features
A/B Testing

Test and optimize multiple contents simultaneously

Resources library

Huge free graphics library. 5000 icons, vectors & images

Mobile ready

All tools and contents are optimized for mobile view

Download prompt

Upload files and use them as an call-to-action incentive

Cloud based

No installation needed. Simple implementation

Video embedding

Embed video from youtube and vimeo

Realy time analytics

Track and monitor your visitors interests and behavior


Analyze and optimized your content performance

Our cutting edge graphic editor

We use powerful tools that allow us the freedom to create beautifully designed lightboxes with smart behavioral triggers

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Segment your audience

Each of your visitors are unique. Engage them accordingly

intel Language

Deliver content to your visitors in their own language

intel Geo location

Show dynamic content based on a visitor’s geo location

intel Gender

Engage visitors based on their gender

intel Interests

Match your visitors with offers based on their interests

Behavior-based engagement

Adoric monitors the visitors’ behavior on your website before engaging them more effectively


Exits page

Catch a visitor with a message before leaving your site


Scrolls down

Deliver the right message when scrolling down your page


Time peroid

Show content after a certain period of time has passed


Clicks and hovers

Engage the visitors even when hovering a button

Plug & play integrations

Simple one click integration with the best online tools.

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