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Curated list of the best Shopify B2B apps

You’re a busy entrepreneur running your ecommerce business, and researching the best shopify b2b apps you can use to optimize your Shopify store is time-consuming. So, we took the liberty of doing this.

B2B Private Store

by Singleton software
3.8 (23 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Change your online Shopify store into a private business. Select customers that can see your products.
  • 2 Let only the selected customers see available products to purchase.
  • 3 Accept or decline a customer registration request. Be sure they are actual customers before unlocking your store them.

B2B Handsfree

by A9 Design
3.6 (9 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Use an advanced registration form to collect B2B customer data and validate VAT ID. You can customize fields on the form.
  • 2 Set wholesale customers outside your country on auto tax exemption. Decide whether to tag customers or not.
  • 3 Create a B2B VAT ID and print it on all wholesale orders and other necessary places.

B2B Verify Customers

by Singleton software
5.0 (64 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Turn your store into a private B2B business so only verified customers can see your prices and place orders.
  • 2 Choose the customers you want by approving or declining their registration request. Vet them properly before letting them see your prices.
  • 3 Hide your product price and the add-to-cart button from new store visitors. Display a message icon instead.

B2B Portal/ Net Terms

by BSS Commerce
5.0 (42 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Make your ordering process fast and easy for your customers. Let customers place orders from a single page.
  • 2 Create a bundle package of specific products/collections and sell them at a discounted price.
  • 3 Set up terms and conditions for late orders so you can decide what products customers can buy.

B2B Login To See Prices

by Singleton software
4.6 (91 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Users not registered on your business cannot see the prices of items to selected products. Only registered customers can enjoy this privilege.
  • 2 Hide price and add-to-cart button from selected products or collections.
  • 3 Set your store to display custom messages to unregistered customers in place of the add-to-cart button.

B2B & Wholesale Solution

by SparkLayer
5.0 (45 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Turn on wholesale ordering features like price lists, sales reps, tiered pricing, quick ordering, pack sizing, and account area to monitor orders.
  • 2 Help your B2B customers save time by making it easy for them to re-order, import orders, add a shopping list, and to make payments.
  • 3 There are several ways to upload or connect to B2B data. Including manual upload, ready-made ERP connectors, or Sparklayer API to build custom integrations.

Request a Quote Hide Price B2B

by SealApps
4.9 (32 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Decide which buttons you want to display on your store and customize their appearance to match your brand marketing strategy.
  • 2 Create a contact form that is quick and easy to fill out and submit. Spend less on collecting customers' emails.
  • 3 Receiving instant notifications and replying at once when customers send a price quote is a great way to boost sales.

B2B Login/Lock & Hide Price

by BSS Commerce
4.9 (264 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Make visitors signup or subscribe to your newsletter to access your website. That way, you will keep rivals away.
  • 2 Request for a private passcode before visitors can view your product catalog.
  • 3 Lock pages with a token or private passcode so only authorized customers can access your content.

Login to See Price ‑ B2B

by WebPanda
4.9 (64 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Hide product prices from visitors and display an inquiry/message box instead. Only authentic customers should see your prices.
  • 2 Hide your add-to-cart button to prevent unauthenticated customers from seeing it.
  • 3 The app allows you to choose products you do not want to show their prices and other details.

Avishay Assaf

Best B2B Apps For Shopify 

Are you looking to add wholesale functionality to your Shopify website to make it easy for customers to buy in bulk and at discounted prices? What you need is a B2B Shopify app. 

With the right B2B Shopify app solution, you can easily turn your Shopify website into a wholesale outlet. 

Selling wholesale has numerous advantages. One is that it can help generate a lot of revenue for your business. Also, it can help drive a lot of profits for your business because the more sales you make, the more profits you will amass. 

Another advantage of selling wholesale is that it can help you sell off your inventory quickly. This means you don’t have to worry about tying your capital down. 

That said, selling wholesale on Shopify is not an easy task. There are just many things to do and follow up with that you could easily get stuck up. As such, you are better off using a B2B Shopify app. 

With these apps, you can easily create tiered pricing for your customers, offer discounts based on the volume of purchases, and manage your store a lot more efficiently. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of best B2B Shopify apps on the Shopify app store. The best app for your business largely depends on what you are looking for and your budget. 


Can I use B2B for Shopify?

Yes, you can. Shopify comes with a native B2B feature you can access from your admin dashboard. You can leverage this feature to add B2B functionality to your store without hitches. However, this native feature might not always be enough. So, you might have to use a B2B app.

How much is Shopify B2B?

Shopify B2B doesn’t come at an extra cost. You will only pay if you choose to use a B2B app instead of the in-built B2B feature.

Is Shopify good for B2B?

Shopify is one of the best B2B platforms for sellers looking to sell wholesale. It comes with lots of features and apps that make selling wholesale a seamless experience.

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