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Curated list of the best Shopify Booking apps

You’re a busy entrepreneur running your ecommerce business, and researching the best shopify booking apps you can use to optimize your Shopify store is time-consuming. So, we took the liberty of doing this.

Acerill Appointment Booking

by Acerill
4.0 (18 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Add this booking to any page of your choice, especially on your product page and store page.
  • 2 Paid plans start at $4.99/month which is a fair price compared with other plans.
  • 3 Sync your booking app with Google Calendars and schedule your appointments with ease with the Google Calendar.

Booking Suite

by Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd
1.9 (2 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Booking is easy with this app as it shows you real-time room availability and lets you book appointments without hassle.
  • 2 This app notifies customers of their schedules through emails and text messages to help reduce the number of no-shows.
  • 3 It is very responsive and compatible with all device sizes. It fits every device size and helps customers to find what they are looking for with ease.


by Promeate
4.9 (11 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 This world best supports standard booking platforms which include Calendly, Acuity and much more.
  • 2 It is built for all types of retailers from hair Stylists to beauty and retail sales. You need this BookedUp app for all your bookings and appointments.
  • 3 Customize your buttons and pop-ups within minutes and place them wherever you want them to appear.

Servv: Appointment Booking App

by Servv Inc.
5.0 (11 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Increase your revenue and boost sales when you sell your services virtually or in person with this app.
  • 2 It supports multiple users using the booking app. Each user can set up their accounts with ease.
  • 3 This app can be easily integrated with Zoom and Google Calendars that lets you have live chat and zoom events.

CoAttend ‑ Booking app

by CoAttend
5.0 (5 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Whatever it is you do, this app is the perfect booking system for your classes, events, shops and tours. You can organise your teams and start taking appointments and bookings.
  • 2 Send automatic notifications and reminders to your customers with ease and also you can customize the contents of the emails for a more personalised booking experience.
  • 3 Sync your bookings with Google Calendars for automatic reminders. You can easily add, remove and cancel bookings with a few clicks.

BookThatApp Appointments

by Zetya Pty Ltd
4.6 (345 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 With this app, staff can manage their schedules and booking without logging into Shopify. They can book appointments anywhere and anytime.
  • 2 This app s designed to monitor your booking so as to prevent double bookings. Also, it allows you to send reminders and notifications to your customers and clients with ease.
  • 3 Built with amazing features that help you run your business effectively. These features include Calendars, product rentals etc.

Booking App by Webkul

by Webkul Software Pvt Ltd
4.5 (39 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 This app includes different types of bookings that allow you to create bookings based on the services and customers’ needs.
  • 2 This app permits customers to easily reschedule or cancel bookings easily. It also has a dashboard to track and measure the store’s progress.
  • 3 Easily add bookings to your store products and easily add multiple bookings to products with multiple variants.

Easy Appointment Booking App

by Propel Commerce
4.9 (104 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Installation takes only a few minutes to set up. You can choose your hours and start accepting bookings immediately.
  • 2 Reduce the number of no-shows by reminding your customers of their bookings and appointments. Also set confirmations and thank you messages to your customers.
  • 3 It is completely responsive and user-friendly. It allows for seamless integrations that make you stand out from your competitors.

Sesami: Appointment Booking

by Sesami Inc.
4.7 (327 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 A reliable booking platform for Shopify with so many stores growing within it.
  • 2 Easy to set up, simple to use with powerful integrations. Very useful and built to proffer solution to online bookings.
  • 3 This app personalizes booking experiences with powerful integrations. Also, it contains an omnichannel that makes booking easier.

Tipo Appointment Booking

by Tipo
4.4 (332 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Increase your conversion rate and sales with available bookings every day.
  • 2 Clients can easily book their courses, sports and other events with this app. Easily manage your clients and appointments in the admin calendar.
  • 3 Set automatic emails to remind your customers of their appointments and also your employee of booked services. It can be also synced with Google Calendar for daily reminders.

Easy Appointment Booking

by 📆 Servicify
4.9 (105 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Create your events and services with a few easy clicks and takes bookings for basically everything. This app supports as many as a thousand bookings per day.
  • 2 Remind your customers of their bookings with automatic email and text notifications, Google Calendar invites etc.
  • 3 Includes a lot of features that help you to save time and reduce stress. It also supports group appointments, translations and a whole lot more.

Appointment Booking ‑ Appointo

by SidePanda
4.9 (162 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 This app allows your customers to book appointments for a certain period of time. It can be daily or for multiple occasions.
  • 2 Set automated email and SMS notifications to remind your customers of their bookings confirmations, cancellations, rescheduling etc.
  • 3 Support a variety of integrations like Microsoft and Google Calendar, and also permit group bookings, manual bookings etc.

Appointment Booking Cowlendar

by Penida
5.0 (106 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 You can transform your product into a bookable service within a few minutes. It is integrated into Shopify but can be easily compared with Calendly.
  • 2 Through your Shopify Stores, customers can secure appointments and bookings. Also, it is easy to book, takes only a few seconds to book appointments.
  • 3 Let your stores be orderly and avoid customer clashes. Improve your conversion rates and makes the most of your products and services 100% bookable.

Avishay Assaf

Best Booking Apps for Shopify 

A robust booking system is a must-have if you run an appointment booking business, such as a hotel, a dental outfit, a spa, etc., on Shopify. 

The reason is that potential customers will have difficulty booking your services without it. And if prospects can’t book your services, you won’t have any leads and your sales will dry up. 

A booking system makes it easy for potential customers to book services,  giving you a chance to build credibility and trust. The more credible and trustworthy your business is, the more your reputation will grow and the more customers you’d win. 

Thankfully, setting up an appointment-booking system on Shopify is anything but difficult. All you need is the right app solution. Lucky for you, there are many great booking apps for Shopify, and you will find them on the Shopify app store. 

The problem, however, is that finding the app that best fits your needs can be challenging. But that should bother you because we’ve reviewed the best apps already in this post. All you have to do now is to pick which suits you best.


Can you add a booking system to Shopify?

Yes, you can. With the right booking app solution, you can add a booking widget or link to your website without hassles. In fact, some apps allow you to configure your booking however you want and add all your employees to the system. You could even set up automated reminders to remind customers of their upcoming appointments.

How can I add an appointment scheduling to my Shopify website?

You’d have to install a booking app on your website to add an appointment scheduling feature to your Shopify store. A booking app makes it easy to set up appointment scheduling on your website without writing any code or hiring a developer.

What is the best appointment booking app for Shopify?

There are a lot of booking and scheduling apps for Shopify on the Shopify app store. The best app boils down to what you are looking for in an app. And, of course, your budget.

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