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Curated list of the best Shopify Loyalty Program apps

You’re a busy entrepreneur running your ecommerce business, and researching the best shopify loyalty program apps you can use to optimize your Shopify store is time-consuming. So, we took the liberty of doing this.

Change Commerce ‑ Donation App

by ShoppingGives
5.0 (109 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Safely donate to a cause in compliance with the laid down financial rules.
  • 2 Improve your marketing and conversion rate by creating personalized campaigns and making shopping easy.
  • 3 Get insight into your campaign performance and aspects that need modification. We have a support team to help you out.

InviteReferrals: Referral App

by TagNpin
5.0 (23 reviews)
Free plan available

Bold Loyalty Points & Rewards

3.7 (154 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Build a loyalty scheme that will require store visitors to become loyal customers to qualify for rewards on their next purchase.
  • 2 Your loyal customers are vital to your business growth. Offer incentives for every referral that converts.
  • 3 Our Customizable widgets allow you to display your reward system to every visitor. Save customers the hassle of finding what they want.


by Lunaris
4.7 (16 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Build a community of loyal customers by creating a reward program.
  • 2 Make it easy for customers to use their rewards when checking out. Convert points and stamps into discounts with ease.
  • 3 You can limit the number of points each customer can accumulate and decide the criteria for reward eligibility.

ShopHub: Loyalty Stamp Card

by ShopHub
5.0 (20 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Boost the shopping experience with a gamified reward program. A happy customer is a paying customer.
  • 2 Save money by trying to get new customers by offering exclusive deals, points, stamps, and more for repeat purchases.
  • 3 Design the outlook of your loyalty program to capture customers' attention. Customize loyalty widgets and create personalized emails.

Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards

by Yotpo - L&R
4.7 (2390 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Use our free plan to create your loyalty and referral program. Include POS and SMS notifications in your program.
  • 2 A VIP reward tier is what you need when it comes to boosting retention, LTV, engagement, repeat sales, and more.
  • 3 Use word of mouth as a marketing strategy. Build a referral program to incentivize customers when they refer friends and family to your e-commerce store.

Loyalty, rewards & referrals

by LoyaltyLion
4.4 (405 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Loloyal has helped over 25,000 brands to gain more customers and impress them with an engaging referral and reward program.
  • 2 Access to powerful tools for business growth. Create a referral program that allows customers to refer friends and family to your online store.
  • 3 Make your email marketing powerful with incentives, loyalty data, reward points, and more.

UX Bundle

by GoAffPro
4.3 (8 reviews)
Free plan available

Stamped Loyalty & Referrals

4.0 (116 reviews)
Free plan available

Points VIP Loyalty Program

by Super Assistant
5.0 (15 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Save money on ads by letting your customers promote your business. Offer discounts, exclusive prices, points, and other rewards to shoppers when they refer people.
  • 2 Set up an automated earning system that can turn shoppers into loyal customers.
  • 3 You get to decide how you want your referral program to look. Our editor makes customization easy.


by SealApps
5.0 (175 reviews)
Free plan available

Growave: Loyalty, Wishlist +3

by Growave
4.8 (1795 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Treat your customers with freebies, discounts, store credits, and more to build a community of loyal customers.
  • 2 Allow customers to add products to their wishlist and notify them when items are about to go out of stock, restocked, or there is a price change.
  • 3 Collect more product reviews and display them on your Shopify store through an automated process. Show reviews in multiple languages.

BON: Rewards, Loyalty Program

by Smartify Apps
4.9 (810 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Make your customers happy with a powerful reward and loyalty program.
  • 2 Boost organic traffic and grow your customer base through referrals and brand advocates.
  • 3 Customize the look of your loyalty program to capture the attention of online shoppers. Add widgets and personalized email campaigns.

Loyalty Program, Review, Email

by AiTrillion
4.6 (318 reviews)
Free plan available

Rivo: Rewards, Loyalty Program

by Rivo
4.9 (1286 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Turn first-time shoppers into repeat buyers with our loyalty and reward program. Sell products at a discounted price to increase sales.
  • 2 Customize your reward and loyalty program. Add widgets to your store to make it more engaging.
  • 3 Our referral program can impact your traffic and sales. Your Customers can double as affiliates without costing you a fortune.

Gift Cards & Loyalty Program

4.8 (946 reviews)
Free plan available

Joy: Rewards, Loyalty Program

by Joy Loyalty
5.0 (631 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Make your store the first choice of your customers with an automated loyalty program to make them return for more purchases.
  • 2 Give customers incentives such as points or store credit when they purchase products from your store to boost Sales.
  • 3 Engage your customers with fun activities as they shop from your store.

Smile: Loyalty & Rewards

4.8 (4774 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 We provide referral, Loyalty, VIP, and other reward programs to help boost your business performance.
  • 2 Our reward program attracts more customers for you and turns first-time shoppers into return customers leading to more sales.
  • 3 Step up your ad campaigns with incentives and an effective reward program for your customers.

#1 Refer A Friend Loyalty App

by TagNpin
5.0 (23 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Create a loyalty and referral program where your customers can become brand advocates.
  • 2 Offer multiple rewards like discounts, cash coupons, store credits, e.t.c to referrers.
  • 3 Get an analytics dashboard for your referral program. Monitor your program and regulate rewards.

Loyalty, Reviews, Email & More

by AiTrillion
4.6 (317 reviews)
Free plan available
Key features of the app
  • 1 Set a loyalty reward and reward visitors when they signup, make a purchase or refer others to your store. Increase sales and LTV.
  • 2 Get more reviews and testimonials on your store in the form of comments, photos, or videos through web push and emails.
  • 3 Manage your email marketing, web push, and other ad campaigns automatically from one platform.

Avishay Assaf

Best Loyalty Program Apps for Shopify

Did you know that it costs 5x more to win a new customer than to retain the existing ones? This shouldn’t come as a surprise because gaining new customers is darn hard. 

Even established businesses like Amazon still struggle to win new customers. So you don’t have to beat yourself up if you have been also been struggling with it. 

Be it as it may, retaining new customers and getting them to buy from your store over and over is a lot easier. The best part is that you don’t even necessarily need to run ads to get your existing customers’ attention.

However, your customers won’t become loyal overnight; you need to give them a reason to stick it out with you. 

And what better way to convert shoppers into loyal, repeat customers than by running a loyalty reward program? 

Put simply, loyalty programs are marketing campaigns that reward customers for their patronage. For example, you can run a loyalty reward program that rewards your customers with discounts each time they purchase products worth over $100 – or whatever benchmark you deem fit. 

Rewarding your customers for their patronage can encourage them to refer others to your store, gaining you new customers and boosting your sales. 

Nonetheless, managing loyalty reward programs efficiently is not easy, hence why you need a reliable loyalty program app. With these apps, you can set up loyalty reward programs easily and quickly, increase your customers’ lifetime value, and many more. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of loyalty program apps on the Shopify app market, and we’ve reviewed a great deal of them in this roundup. 


What is a loyalty program app?

A loyalty program app allows you to set up loyalty reward programs to recompense your customers, particularly faithful customers, for their patronage.

Is it easy to set up loyalty reward programs on Shopify?

Yes, it is fairly easy to set up loyalty reward programs on Shopify. However, it’s best to use an app instead, as doing so will make your work lighter and free up time to focus on growing your business.

What are the best loyalty program apps for Shopify?

There are many awesome loyalty program apps for Shopify. The best loyalty app depends on the unique set of features you are looking for and your budget.

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