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“Adoric provides a solution for every type of popup we wanted, including custom-tailored solutions for our needs. It also proved itself shortly after we went on the air, significantly improved conversions, and increased by tens of percent the number of leads from the site.”

Oren Levi Marcom Manager & Graphic Designer

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful and professional service from Adoric’s team. Adoric made it possible for us to overcome a lot of limitations we once struggled with on our website. Also, it has allowed us to present information and content to our customers in a fast and dynamic manner.”

Liron Bokobza Ecom Brand Manager

“Adoric allows us to deliver personalized messages to each visitor in a simple, easy, and fast way. With Adoric we can efficiently manage our users’ journey, adapting it as buying seasons change.”

Hagai Yaffe Director of CRM & Marketing Technologies

“Adoric have become the game changer in increasing FILA UK’s conversation rate, and therefore adding great value to our business. We love how deeply campaigns can be customised based on the traffic source and user type - which resulted in significantly higher CR and more profits for FILA UK.”

Sergey Mihaylov E-Commerce Manager

“We have been working with Adoric for more than two years, and we are more than satisfied with what we receive from them. When we have ideas for complicated or challenging campaigns, they always find a solution for us.”

Shira Sofie Inbar Product Marketing Manager

“Adoric is an excellent product. It’s helped us greatly in conveying messages to visitors to our site and without involving the development team. Also, Adoric has saved us time and money. It has made it possible for us to launch a campaign efficiently and professionally.”

Tovi Cohen Head of Marketing

“Adoric is a simple and user-friendly solution that allows you to implement and execute any marketing idea, no matter how small or complex. More importantly, we’ve enjoyed an excellent customer service and solid partnership.”

Shahar Alon Brand Manager

“Adoric has a lot of tools tailored for e-commerce businesses. They are quite advanced and efficient. One of such tools is dynamic content. It has helped my store, and many others too, greatly. Also, I love the fact that Adoric’s team takes feedback well - they are always open to their customers’ ideas.”

Avishay Assaf E-Commerce Manager

“Adoric’s new interface has really helped us improve and streamline our workflow. Also, it has helped us achieve our campaign goals in less time and in an efficient and convenient way.”

Ariela Oren Digital Media Manager

“Thanks to Adoric we were able to increase the daily amount of leads we received from the site and translated into sales.”

Liron Dorel Digital Marketing Projects Manager

“Adoric has allowed me to increase conversions and exposure for our marketing campaigns. So far, the results we’ve gotten are much better compared to previous solutions we’ve tried. Plus, we now see a very high CTR with our campaigns. Also, I enjoy excellent support from Adoric’s team.”

Omri Peretz Project Manager

“Adoric has helped us save lots of development time. It has afforded us the flexibility of adding special advertising tools to our website. They include product carousels, customized messaging, personalized recommendations, buttons of different types, and more.”

Tania Chen Head of Marketing

“I value the ability and ease to create without the need of any involvement from the development department. It's easy to use even for non-technical personal and within a short span of time you can create a personalized campaign.”

Shahar Buskila Senior Product Manager

“Adoric has allowed us to produce products with good design and user experience, accurately and in a professional manner. Also, it has helped us to work fast and efficiently, and has saved us lots of time on development.”

Regina Sheynin LEAD Graphic Digital Designer

“We increased the average time readers spent on our website, by allowing us to recommend personalized content. Thanks to Adoric, we managed to increase the amount of app downloads. The most important thing is that we managed to get high quality leads.”

Gidon Uzan Deputy Chief Executive

“I have used Adoric to promote my products, ask for feedbacks from our customers, etc. I really like Adoric is that is easy to use, easy to understand, and intuitive. Plus it allows us to communicate with our customers easily.”

Yair Oz Webmaster

“Adoric is one of the most impressive marketing softwares. It’s reliable and easy-to-use, with an excellent technical support system. The customer management team is next to none. The pricing is reasonable, and the service we get from it is excellent.”

Moshe Radman CEO

“Adoric has helped us in sales promotion, improving our user experience, and increasing our conversion rate. It has also helped us to recommend relevant products and categories to our customers.”

Shachar Azulay E-Сommerce/Websites Manager

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