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At Adoric, we help companies to build, test, and optimize their customers’ buying journey. We do that with product recommendations, personalized messages, gamification, and many more.

“We’ve enjoyed a wonderful and professional service from Adoric’s team. Adoric made it possible for us to overcome a lot of limitations we struggled with on our website. In addition to that, Adoric allowed us to present information and content to our customers in a fast and dynamic manner.”

Liron Bokobza Ecom Brand Manager

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Breadth of enterprise capabilities

A bouquet of tailor-made solutions to help you personalize your users' buying journey, win more leads, and scale up your business.

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Product recommendations

Recommend the most relevant products to your customers. This means more sales and revenue for your store.

Targeting & personalization

Target the right user at the right time with your offerings. Then customize each user's journey by delivering personalized experiences.

Triggering engine

Improve user engagement by automatically triggering pop-ups, slide-ins, notification bars, etc. based on events like page scroll, mouse click/hover, exit-intent and custom events.

Lots of layouts for your web messages

Announce new offers, sales promos, etc. with our pop-up boxes, slide-ins, or sticky bars. Hundreds of pre-made, customizable templates to choose from.

Accurate reporting

Track your campaigns’ performance with pin-point accuracy, and get valuable insights to help you improve them. No guessworks, no assumptions.

Maintain brand consistency with ease

Maintain brand consistency across your campaigns and web messages by using the same color, fonts and buttons as your website, easily.

We will always be there for you

We want to see you succeed. To make that happen, we offer you:

Dedicated customer success manager

A success manager will always be there to provide you with personalized support.

Robust help guides

Find solutions to every issue you might possibly have while using Adoric in our help guides.

Get support whenever you need it

Phone support, live chat, or email - whichever is convenient for you, we’ve got it.

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Get more sales from your online store

Brands we’ve worked with

At Adoric, we take our clients’ satisfaction very seriously. We want to see you succeed! Here are some testimonials from our happy clients.

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Easy, simple, and intuitive

An easy-to-use marketing solution for busy marketers looking to win more customers and grow their sales.

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old method Get more sales from your online store
new method Get more sales from your online store
  • Get more out of your time
  • Save and make more money
  • Simple as 1, 2, 3

Grow your business with Adoric

Smash your marketing goals, grow your business and get the most return for your investment.

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