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Personalized product recommendations

Recommend the most relevant products to your customers. This means more sales and revenue for your store.

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Get more sales from your online store

Advanced algorithm

Adoric’s advanced algorithm gives your customers a personalized shopping experience. It shows realtime recommendations based on data from your Google Analytics.

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Upsell your customers by showing them popular recommendations, like “what other customers usually buy”. You could also use the following

  • Random products
  • Recently viewed
  • Best sellers
  • Bought together
  • Most viewed
  • and more...
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Get more sales from your online store

Easy & Fast setup

Set up your recommendations in just two steps. Import your catalog and connect your Google Analytics account.

Import catalog
All you have to do is insert your Facebook or Google catalog feed link to Adoric and we will import your store’s product list.
Connect to your Google analytics account directly from Adoric.
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Recommendations can be added to any page

Home page
Welcome new users on your homepage by recommending your best selling products. For returning visitors, show them products they had previously viewed. Get more sales from your online store
Recommend complementary products to users. Get more sales from your online store
Show users other products they may want to add to their cart. This helps to increase users’ average order value. Get more sales from your online store
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Target the right users

Choose the relevant audience for each recommendation type, and get the best results. This includes returning and new users.

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Get more sales from your online store

Designed specially for your store

Adoric’s editor lets you customize your designs just the way you want them. As such, you can create recommendations that fit your style and taste.

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Get more sales from your online store

Flexible merchant controls

Powerful filtering that gives your users unimaginable flexibility. This allows them to find products based on price, category, etc.

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Happy clients

At Adoric, we take our clients’ satisfaction very seriously. We want to see you succeed! Here are some testimonials from our happy clients.

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Adoric has a lot of tools tailored for e-commerce businesses. They are quite advanced and efficient. One of such tools is dynamic content. It has helped my store, and many others too, greatly. Also, I love the fact that Adoric’s team takes feedback well - they are always open to their customers’ ideas.

Avishay AssafE-Commerce Manager @

Adoric allows us to deliver personalized messages to each visitor in a simple, easy, and fast way. Adoric makes it easy to set up campaign designs for our online store with our brand style. Everything is taken care of right out of the box. With Adoric we can efficiently manage our users’ journey, adapting it as buying seasons change. Adoric’s support team has really been helpful.

Hagai YaffeDirector of CRM & Marketing Technologies @

Make more sales with Adoric

Give your users an unforgettable shopping experience with Adoric’s personalized product recommendations

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