Best Shopify Apps & Tips to Improve Your Conversion Rate

Bad news first, or good news first?

Let’s begin with the bad news. Online shopping cart abandonment rates are over 77%. Three out of four customers who add products to their cart during their online shopping leave without finalizing a purchase.

The main objective of eCommerce websites is to continually expand their growth, which is directly correlated to their ability to retain and convert customers. However, there has been a significant decline in conversion rates as a result of these cart abandonment issues.

The good news is Shopify apps are there to your rescue! There are countless apps on the Shopify App Store that can be helpful. Nevertheless, selecting the best apps among thousands of options can become difficult and time-consuming.

In order to enhance sales and conversions, we probed and compiled this list of the top 10  Shopify apps, both free and premium. Let’s get started!

Conversion rates

What Is The Average Shopify Conversion Rate?

The average conversion rate for eCommerce refers to the average proportion of website visitors who have actually made a purchase as opposed to all other visits. Keep in mind, though, that conversion can refer to any desirable activity consumers perform, including joining up for the website’s services or clicking on a certain button.

The average conversion rate for Shopify is 1.8%, as reported by Littledata in February 2022, and the typical conversion rate for organic traffic on Shopify is 3.6%.

A company is considered among the top 20 Shopify stores if its conversion rate exceeds 3.7%. If your conversion rate is more than 5.2%, you are among the top 10% of eCommerce stores. On the other hand, if your Shopify store has one of the lowest conversion rates in the industry, it is less than 0.5%. One of the worst-performing stores was this one, with a conversion rate of less than 0.1%.

However, the most effective form of marketing is to raise conversion rates for stores that convert between 1% and 3% of visitors. It is now much simpler than ever to build an online store. Simply select an eCommerce platform that is dependable and has all the features your company needs.

eCommerce platforms are computer programs that make it easier to sell both tangible and intangible goods online. Most of them provide crucial eCommerce functions, including stock management, order management, and shipment setup.

The three main platforms that are advised for setting up a B2B eCommerce platform are Shopify, Bigcommerce, and Adobe commerce. For a detailed comparison you can always check out the following ecommerce platforms for B2Bs.

Cart Optimization

U.S. merchants spend $23.50 billion annually on ads to promote their eCommerce websites. But, the average conversion rate is only 2.68%.

Retailers should pay close attention to the cart abandonment rate because it’s directly correlated with consumer conversion rates and revenue. A high cart abandonment rate indicates complexity in your checkout procedure, which needs improvement. To reduce this friction, companies send pertinent emails to their clients who abandoned their carts as a reminder to continue their shopping.

How can you transform those clients into repeat customers if they don’t receive these emails, though?

You can accomplish this! You’ll be well on your approach to developing a more seamless buying experience on your site by concentrating on these cart optimization strategies.

Provide progress arrows

Users can see where they are in the checkout process and how far they have to go by using a progress indicator. A progress arrow indicating ‘almost finished’ can encourage customers to complete their purchase.

Easy navigation between cart and dashboard

Make it simple for customers to add products to their shopping carts and quickly proceed to the checkout when they are ready to make a purchase. You can also reduce the number of clicks and page views required to complete a transaction. Make it feasible for customers to checkout directly from the product page.

Provide value offers to compel

You must get clients into your store before persuading them to make a purchase. Offering clients something they can’t get anyplace else is one of the most popular strategies for drawing customers.

Offering clients tempting discounts can help you lure them. It tempts them to buy products from their abandoned carts with a happy shopping experience.

Visibility is another technique to get clients’ attention. People are more likely to notice you if you are active across all well-known social media networks.

Tips to increase Shopify Conversion Rates (CRO)

Do you want to boost your Shopify store conversion rate?? Here are steps your can take.

Optimize your product pages

To boost sales and conversion rates, your eCommerce site needs more than just a few visitors. You must pause, put yourself in the position of the customer, and consider what might prompt you to make a purchase.

This is where product page optimization and design are relevant. Search engines are still used by people to find the information they need.

Use exit intent popups

With the help of this cutting-edge solution, Shopify store owners can interact with customers who are about to leave without making a purchase.

With the use of an exit-intent tool, you may learn why buyers abandoned a certain step in the purchasing process. At this point, you can plan how to keep your clients engaged while attempting to turn leads into sales.

Use regular pop-ups

A customer ultimately notices an offer in the top bar of your website. Although a sticky bar may annoy a surfer, it actually works fairly well for sales. It helps a buyer who is actively trying to buy something specific from your website.

Personalize Your Offers

The diversification of your consumer base is your most important marketing strategy. With email marketing automation, segmentation is a feature that you can put to use. In order to retain consumers, a promo code must be offered. It lurks the customers to make a  purchase of an item which they might have bought a little later or from your competitor.

Upsell your customers

Making customers buy comparable but more expensive products than the ones they’re contemplating is known as upselling.

Utilizing unique product suggestion plugins on the official site or basket page will allow you to achieve this. Alternatively, you may send them customized emails or “Similar Items” push notifications.

Try affiliate and influencer marketing

Stores are more likely to establish themselves as ‘the go-to stop for that business’ by flaunting partnerships with influencers. This helps in creating a market niche where conversion rates can increase, streamlining marketing initiatives and attracting the desired audience.

Moreover, word-of-mouth marketing is still one of the most valued marketing channels. It’s the stream with the​ greatest impact on revenue. Marketers suggest that it beats out content marketing, e-mail marketing, medical practice SEO and trade show marketing, paid search, and outbound calling, in terms of generating revenue.

11 Best Shopify Apps to Improve Conversion Rate

1. Adoric

Using the targeting and trigger features of Adoric, you can decrease cart abandonment and increase sales. It enables you to deliver the appropriate message at the appropriate time to the intended audience. It also helps in keeping your targeted audience longer on your website with the exit-intent technology.


Basic: $9/month

Essentials: $29/month

Standard: $79/month

2. LAI Product Reviews Ali Review

LAI Products Reviews

LAI Product Reviews is among the most popular Shopify apps in the customer reviews category. This powerful app helps merchants increase their prestige and boost conversions by displaying authentic social proof as text/photo/video reviews. LAI is easy-to-use, professional and very affordable for a majority of Shopify merchants.

Highlighted features:

  1. LAI review widget is automatically added to your store after installation.
  2. Advanced display settings allow you to customize every element of the reviews widget: sort photo/video reviews first, pin the total reviews on top, edit the date & country’s flag, and change the widget’s width without coding.
  3. Build trust with authentic customer proof. After orders are fulfilled, review request emails are automatically sent.
  4. Drive traffic from social channels & Google with social sharing & Google rich snippets features.
  5. Upsell with coupon emails & reviews pop-ups (Encourage customers to write reviews about their purchased products by rewarding discounts, then stimulate them to re-purchase).

Pricing plans: LAI pricing plans are designed to match businesses of all sizes. It has 4 pricing plans which are as follows –

  • Free
  • Essential – $4.95/month
  • Growth – $14.95/month
  • Expert – $24.95/month

3. Klaviyo

best shopify apps

You can leverage owned marketing channels, including email, SMS, websites, and in-app notifications, with the help of Klaviyo. Listening to clients also contributes to the creation of memorable experiences. It’s useful in transforming their feedback into useful and pertinent messages.


Email: $20/month

SMS: $5/month

4. Candy Rack 

Best shopify apps

Using cross-selling and up-selling strategies, Candy Rack can help you raise your customers’ average order values. The App is super simple to use, has a contemporary appearance, and immediately affects the store’s profitability. With the aid of Candy Rack, you may encourage clients to upgrade their chosen products, which will ultimately provide them with more benefits, or you can cross-sell similar products to increase sales and efficiently showcase the range of your catalog.

Pricing:  $29.99/month

5. PickyStory

PickyStory enhances conversion rates through a variety of upselling. To make it simpler and more effective to offer bundled products to customers with just one click, the software integrates product bundles, kits, and shop the look. The software enables tiered kits, shop the look packs, manual bundles, and automated bundles that are similar to Amazon’s Frequently Bought Together feature.

Pricing: $9.5/month onwards

6. Growave

Growave is a customer relationship management solution that brings together a variety of functions provided by related apps in one location. You may employ user-generated material to keep your content engaging by linking it with your social media networks.

Pricing:  $0-299/Month

7. SEO Manager

SEO Manager

The majority of non-tech store owners consider SEO to be a difficult and time-consuming process. In fact, most people find it overwhelming, to begin with, to understand SEO components and mechanisms.

SEO Manager was developed to help Shopify entrepreneurs manage their websites’ SEO with ease. e. This app comes with many SEO features and tools, including meta tags, title, and description editing, keyword suggestions, image ALT text issues scanning, and more.

Pricing: $20/month

8.  Sales Boost

One of the top Shopify apps, Sales Boost, collects the upsell and cross-sell strategies that have been tried and tested by Amazon and other major eCommerce firms. By raising order value per online customer, Boost Sales helps to boost conversion and sales.

Customers who view or add an item to their shopping basket will see a popup from Boost Sales that offers alternate or complementary items.

Pricing: $59/month

9. Pushowl


A push notification service called pushOwl generates alerts to prompt clients to finish their orders or place new ones. These notifications can be delivered to any desktop, tablet, and mobile device alike. You may improve your campaigns for better results with this tool’s cross-channel support, limitless subscribers, and comprehensive statistics.

Pricing: $19/month

10. MailChimp 

Integrating Mailchimp with your Shopify store can increase customer loyalty and relationships. Additionally, you can design landing pages to increase your reach, create marketing campaigns while on the move, discover insights about specific contacts, and monitor success.

As a result, this app assists you in increasing sales, retaining existing clients, and attracting new ones.

Pricing: Free plan available.

Essentials: $11/month.

11. Referral Candy

Did you realize that each satisfied customer would recommend nine others? Therefore, you’re losing out on sales if you don’t use referral schemes. One of the greatest Shopify apps for encouraging your customers to recommend their friends is Referral Candy. You can pick the prize of your choice for an unlimited number of referrals. The Referral Candy system has a dashboard where you can track referrals, automate reward distribution, and set reminders.

Pricing: $39/month


Your services and product pages are the life and light of your eCommerce website. And it’s up to you to take advantage of them to their fullest potential. Before you optimize your Shopify store and opt for apps that help in conversion, you need to ensure that the content of these pages covers:

  • Why a visitor should buy your product
  • What gives your product a cornerstone over other similar products?
  • Why should they buy it now?

Once you have figured out your value proposition (the most important factor in determining the conversion rate), you can pick the apps that will help you deliver it effectively. We hope you find this article helpful in picking one of the best Shopify apps to increase conversions for your eCommerce store.

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