Product Recommendations for Shopify

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Product recommendations

Product recommendation for Shopify is the practice of suggesting relevant products to shoppers based on their buying history and preferences. If implemented properly, product recommendations can uplift your conversion rate and boost your sales.

Recommending relevant products to your customers has many benefits. One is that it makes it easy for shoppers on your website to discover products easier and faster, reducing bounce rates.

Furthermore, another benefit is that it helps to personalize your shoppers’ buying experience.

Product recommendations take two major forms: complementary and supplementary recommendations.

For the former, you suggest additional products that complement the products your customers have in the carts. While supplementary involves recommending product addons.

In this post, we will discuss the benefits of product recommendations on Shopify and the best apps to use for this purpose.

Benefits Of Adding Product Recommendations to Shopify

1. More Sales

Product recommendation makes it a whole lot easier for customers to discover products they like and are willing to buy. This, in turn, leads to more sales for you.

2. Better Engagement

It encourages shoppers to stay longer in your store, which might lead them to buy more from your store.

3. Better Conversion

The longer visitors stay on your website, the more they will likely convert into customers.

4. Boosted Average Order Value (AOV)

You don’t need a lot of customers to boost your sales; you just need the few ones that you have to buy a lot more anytime they shop from your store.

How to Implement Product Recommendations on Shopify

There are certain Shopify themes that enable you to set up product recommendations easily on your website. They include the Boundless theme, Debut, Express, Minimal, Narrative and Simple themes.

However, their product recommendations capabilities are limited, so it’s best to use product recommendations apps.

Below are some of the best product recommendation apps to use.

4 Apps to Implement Product Recommendations in Shopify

1. Wiser – UpSell, recommendations

Wiser product recommendations

Wiser is one of the best product recommendation apps for Shopify. With a 5 -star rating and 455 reviews, this is one app you’ll need for recommendations and upsell and cross-sell campaigns.

It uses AI to recommend and display relevant and related products on your website based on your visitors’ shopping history.

These recommendations are personalized, guiding visitors to make better buying decisions. Also, its algorithm display products based on products frequently bought by other customers.

Interestingly, Wiser lets you add product recommendations to your checkout page. However, this feature is only available on the Shopify Plus plan.

Moreover, Wiser lets you see your customers buying journey in detail. From your dashboard, you can see their browsing history and buying patterns. Additionally, you can see all their actions as well.

In addition, Wiser’s upsell popup feature allows you to add recommendations to your website using popups. The best part is that you can easily track the performance of these popups from your dashboard.


Free Plan – Forever Free with customizable widgets and basic analytics

Basic Plan – ($5/month) – For startups and basic Shopify store plan.

Growth Plan – ($29/month) – Include handpicked manual recommendations and recently viewed products.

Premium Plan – ($199/month) – Includes email recommendations, product bundles, and AI recommendations.

2. Also Bought ⦁ Related Products

Also Bought Related Products

This is a good Shopify product recommendation app from Code Black Belt. It has some similarities with Amazon in that it lets you display “customers also bought” recommendations on your website.

Moreover, it comes with an advanced AI and an algorithm that searches for products and automatically displays them in the recommendations sections.

Additionally, it lets you can see product updates, new orders, and sales analytics in real-time, allowing you to make smarter decisions for your business.

Furthermore, this app is easy to customize and can be displayed on the product and cart pages. Plus, it offers round-the-clock support, ensuring you get help whenever needed.


New Business Plan – Forever Free but must have managed the store for about 2 months.

Standard Plan – ($9.99/month) – Flat rates with an unlimited number of products, orders etc.

Shopify Plus Plan – ($19.99/month) – Same features as the standard plan with swift support.

3. Dialogue – AI Personalization

Dialogue personalization

Dialogue is one app you can count on to create personalized recommendations for your shoppers. This is because the app lets you recommend bought-together products to customers. Plus, it enables you to upsell and cross-sell your customers to generate more sales for your business.

Not just that, with dialogue, you can create stunning and exciting content and how-to-tutorials about your products to improve sales.

It integrates with other Shopify apps to give you the best recommendations and analysis about products to help increase your overall revenue.

Besides, it is simple and easy to use.


Free to Install

Paid Plans are available, but you will have to reach out to customer support.

4. LimeSpot Upsell & Cross-Sell

Limespot upsell and cross sell

LimeSpot allows store owners to create multiple layouts of intelligent product recommendations that can be displayed on all pages.

It lets you upsell and cross-sell your customers based on their buying history and preferences. Also, LimeSpot allows you to add product recommendations to your email campaigns.

In addition, it lets you segment your audience based on their locations, type of device, and browsing history for maximum conversion. On top of that, it allows you to split test elements on your store and analyze performance to optimize your customer shopping experience.


Essential Plan – ($18/month) – With unlimited traffic and order, upsell, cross-sell, and bundles.

Pay-as-Grow Plan – ($15/month) – includes A/B testing, customer, and product performance analytics.

Premium Plan – ($400/month) – Real-time audience segmentation, dynamic collections, and email/SMS recommendations.


These are our best Product recommendation apps that you need to improve sales and increase conversion for your Shopify store. Each app differs in its features and mode of operation.

The good news is that most of these apps offer free trial periods, which you can leverage to know if an app is a good fit for your business before making any commitment.

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