15 High-Demand Products to Sell On Shopify in 2022

high-demand products to sell on Shopify

Lucrative Products to Sell on Shopify

Are you looking for high-demand products that are also lucrative to sell on your Shopify store this 2022? Read on!

Selling online via Shopify can make you rich! But that can only happen if you sell high-demand products that people are looking for.

Also, you will want to go for products with minimal or average competition. Selling highly-competitive products lessens your chances of hitting a home run.

How do you find such products, if at all they exist? Digging deep into data might help, but it will eat deep into your time.

But not to worry as we have done the heavy lifting for you.

In today’s post, we will share the top 15 trending products that will likely make you a lot of sales this 2022.

Let’s get straight to it immediately.

How to Find Lucrative Products to Sell On Shopify

Finding the right product to sell can be a nightmarish experience, no doubt.

First, you have to deal with an oversaturated market – everyone seems to be selling stuff online these days.

Then there’s an ever-changing consumer taste and preference to worry about. On top of that, you have fierce market competition to battle.

Nevertheless, you can still find the right products to sell and make a fortune out of them, regardless of these obvious obstacles.

Here are tips to go about it:

Tip #1: Look For Trending Products

As much as we don’t want to be Captain Obvious here, looking at consumer buying trends can help you spot products that will sell like wildfire.

But how do you find trending products?

Follow discussions on Reddit. You will get hints about products people are looking for.

Better yet, check out Google Trends – it’s a whole goldmine on its own. This site can help you discover how frequently certain words are searched in relation to the total search volume, including in different countries and languages. If you want to perform a deep and extensive investigation on a large number of terms, you can speed things up by using the Google Trends API, which will make it simpler

Tip #2: Check Buyer Reviews on Amazon

What are people saying about a product on Amazon? Is there an additional feature they would like to see on a product?

Checking shoppers’ reviews on Amazon – or any other online selling platform – can help you spot product gaps in the market.

Tip #3: Look For Products That Solve Problems

Many big businesses were born out of the desire to solve problems for people and make life easier.

If you follow the same principle in your product hunt, you might amass wealth for yourself.

Tip #4: Check Google Keyword Planner for Search Queries

Knowing what people are searching for on Google and how frequently they search can help you find products with high demand and low competition.

You can use the Google Keyword Planner tool for this purpose.

Top 15 High-Demand Products to Sell

Enough of the talking; let’s get down to business.

Here are 50 in-demand products to try your hands on this 2022. They are inexpensive and have sizeable profit margins.

1. Mobile and Tablet Case

High-demand products to sell

The phone case market is pretty large. As of 2018, it was valued at over $21.4 billion – and it’s still growing at an astronomical pace because more people are getting smartphones for themselves.

This makes the mobile case market a goldmine worth exploring. Not just because it’s in high demand, but also because phone cases are relatively easy to produce, cost little to store, and have a good profit margin.

Before getting in, you first need to decide the model of phones to focus on. iPhone, Samsung, Xiaomi Redmi are products you could start with.

Once you’ve determined the phone product to focus on, the next step is designing.

If you’ve got the skill and the time, you could do the designing yourself. Design programs like Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator can help.

Better yet, you could use dedicated phone case online design programs like Caseapp to speed up your design.

If those options aren’t viable for you, consider hiring a freelance designer from talent marketplaces such as Fiverr.

2. Shoes and Sneakers

Sneaker shoe

We can’t talk about trending products in 2022 without talking about shoes and sneakers.

Like or hate ‘em, shoes and sneakers have become an everyday part of our life.

They have been selling hot for ages. Even during the pandemic when most people were indoors, the sale of shoes never stalled.

To succeed as an online shoe retailer, you need to find a niche and stay on it.

For example, you could choose to focus on kids’ shoes, flats and heels for women, or loafers for men.

Doing so makes it easy for you to master your market and dominate it regardless of the competition.

3. Office Chair

High-demand products to sell

Are office chairs even useful, and who needs them? Everyone, literally!

Freelancers, office workers, work-from-home moms and dads, college students…the list goes on.

And with many companies and organizations absorbing their workers back into the office as the pandemic steadily loosens its grip, you can expect the demand for ergonomic chairs to experience an uplift.

We’ve got proof to prove that.

If you key in the search term “best office chair” in Google Keyword Planner, you will notice that it receives 100k – 1million searches per month, and has grown by 900% in the past three months.

Google keyword planner

How do you find customers for your chairs?

You could run ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Google.

Alternatively, you could pitch to startups, co-working space owners, students, and anybody that cares to listen.

4. Wigs and Hair Extensions

Wig and hair extension

Women take their looks and appearance very seriously. Sometimes more serious than themselves. Pun intended.

As such, you wouldn’t easily catch an average woman dead without a wig – especially women of African descent.

What to do? If you haven’t already, open a Shopify store right away and stock your store up with wigs and hair extensions.

One major obstacle you will have to overcome to launch a successful wig business is finding the right suppliers that can deliver quality products at competitive rates.

You can solve this problem by checking popular wholesale sites like Alibaba and Made in China. Alternatively, you could check out Vietnamese hair distributors’ websites, such as K-hair.

5. Purses and Handbags

lucrative products to sell

Currently valued at over $50billion, the purse and handbag market has been steadily growing.

Your success in this type of trade will also depend on your ability to pick a particular niche and give it your all, rather than going round in circles trying different niches.

Which niche can you start with? Custom women purses, designer wallets for men, etc. make a good fit.

For the creation process, you can leverage Print-on-demand platforms such as Printful. You only have to design the bags and purses; production is handled out of the box for you.

Another good option is sourcing already-made purses from wholesale/supplier websites such as Thomasnet.

It’s important to take good pictures of those purses and handbags to better your chances of making good sales.

6. Mugs

lucrative products to sell on Shopify

Think the idea of selling mugs online is, at best, old-fashioned? Think again because online shoppers are still stocking up their homes and offices with those little sweet things.

Before you kick things off, you need to decide which model you would adopt for your mug-selling business. You could choose to use Print-in-demand services, create the mugs yourself, or drop-ship on Shopify using Oberlo.

A good pricing strategy will go a long way in helping you win lots of sales and grow your business.

7. Fashion Sunglasses

high-demand products to sell on Shopify

Although a competitive niche, selling sunglasses on your Shopify store can fetch you a lot of cash if done properly.

Venturing into the sunglasses/sunshade business has lots of perks. Firstly, you don’t need so much capital to get in – you can get things rolling with a few hundred bucks.

Secondly, the demand for it is very high. How did we know?

We checked Google Keyword planner and discovered that the term “sunglasses” receives between 1Million and 10Million searches per month.

Yes, some of those searches will not amount to any sale. Some are probably trying to figure out the right sunglass for their kids. Nonetheless, you can bet that a lot of shoppers are looking to buy sunglasses online.

Offering potential customers discounts will help you make a ton of sales.

8. Dog Toys

dog toys

Gone are the days when toys were exclusively designed for toddlers and young children. Now, pet toys are have become very popular.

Despite its popularity, not many online retailers consider it a worthwhile adventure. Do you know what that means? Less competition for you, and, hence, better chances of finding success.

Quality should be your watchword if you are going to win the heart of pet owners and get them to become repeat customers.

Also, it’s important to niche down because the dog toy market is quite large.

If you are unsure of the dog toy to start with, Google Keyword Planner can help. To use it, simply plug in the term “dog toys” and a list of suggested searches will pop up. They include toy pom, teacup poodle, snuffle mat, toy poodle, and lots more.

keyword search for products

9. Skincare Products

Skincare products

A beautiful, spotless, and smooth skin is the dream of many –  particularly women. Many are willing to any length to get one, regardless of the cost implications.

This means that there will always be a huge demand for skincare products. We’ve got statistics to back that claim up.

In 2020, the skin care products market was valued at $140billion. That figure is expected to grow by 4.69% by the end of 2026.

The major challenge with the skincare market is fearsome competition. Every Tom, Dick, and Harry seem to be selling skincare products online these days.

What to do?

Differentiate yourself by building a memorable brand your target audience will want to relate with.

How to improve your brand awareness on social media

10. Supplements

high-demand products to sell

There has never been a time when people took their health very seriously more than now, thanks to the COVID pandemic.

As such, you can expect vitamin supplements and minerals to sell like wildfire. And it is.

In 2021 alone, food and health supplements products generated a whooping $21billion for retailers across the globe. Statista predicts that that figure will rise by 3.21% by 2025.

Unlike most other products discussed here, getting into the food and vitamin supplement business can be challenging due to the legal complexities around it.

But if you can successfully navigate those complexities and sell quality, wholesome products, you are on your way to amassing riches.

11. Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinner

Did you know that fidget spinners have therapeutic benefits? Health experts usually recommend them to adults and children who have autism or any other attention-deficit disorder.

However, that doesn’t mean regular people can’t use them.

Fidget spinners are hot-selling toys that adults and children love.

They cost very little and are in excess supply, hence making them an excellent option for dropshipping.

12. Books


If you think that the days of hard-cover books are gone, and e-books have taken over, think again.

On average, about 650million copies of printed books are sold in the United States every year. What’s more, 60% of consumers in that country attest to reading at least one print book in a year.

So, don’t discard the idea of selling books online yet because it could lead you to riches. You can ask Jeff Bezos.

Before getting started, you need to decide how to source the books to sell. You could either buy directly from a publisher or from a wholesaler.

Even better, you could source vintage and already used books from libraries, bookstores, and thrift stores.

13. Candles


Surprised to see candles on this list? Well, you shouldn’t be because the candle market is an ever-growing market, and is expected to hit $13.38billion by 2028. Astonishing, isn’t it?

Are you wondering what’s so special about candles that will want to make consumers shell out their money to buy them?

Well, for one thing, candles are used for home decors. Also, you can use them to create an atmosphere of relaxation and ambiance. You can expect them to sell like hotcakes this valentine.

Launching a successful candle business on Shopify is anything but difficult. You just have to do your market research to determine your target audience, create your homemade candles and start selling on Shopify.

14. Water Bottles

lucrative products for Shopify

Water bottles are next on our list of high-demand products to sell on Shopify.

They are personal assets that a lot of people treasure can’t do without. This makes it a really viable product to sell in 2022.

The best part is that you can easily source them from wholesale websites like Aliexpress at competitive prices.

15. Clothes

high-demand products to sell on Shopify

Last on our list of high-demand products to sell on Shopify are clothes. No matter what season it is, people will always need clothes. If you can meet this need, you are sure on your way to building a successful business online.

You will need good, pixel-perfect photos to succeed as a clothing retailer.


There you have it; 15 high-demand products you should consider selling on Shopify this 2022. They don’t cost so much to start, and you don’t need to have years of eCommerce experience to be successful.

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