6 Twitter Feed Apps For Shopify

Do you want to leverage Twitter to grow your sales on Shopify? You need the right set of Twitter feed apps!

As a Shopify business owner promoting your products on Twitter, you need a Twitter feed app to help you connect with potential customers on Twitter. 

The problem is that there are several Twitter feed apps on the Shopify app store; sifting through them to find the best app can be time-consuming. Therefore, we have taken the time to find the best Shopify Twitter feed app for you. 

Below are the six best Twitter feed apps to use to promote your business on the blue app. When used correctly, these apps can help increase your conversion rate, leading to more sales for your store. 

6 Best Shopify Twitter Feed Apps

1. Twitter Feed by Zestard Technology

Twitter feed app Shopify

This Twitter feed app is a product of Zestard technology. Twitter Feed by Zestard is one of the best Twitter feed apps for Shopify that makes connecting with prospective customers on Twitter a breeze. 

With this app, you can quickly notify customers about your new and restocked products. 

The platform has three widgets you can open at once or one at a time. It is easy to customize with various backgrounds, colors, and box sizes for the widgets. Customizing your Twitter widget to look appealing is a great way to retain more customers. 

The cool part about Zestard Twitter Feed is that you can use it on any page on your website. And it is compatible with any Shopify theme. 

If you have any challenges, you can table your complaint via email or chat with customer support via the live chat option. 

Zestard is free and has no hidden charges. 

2. Twitter Feed By Elfsight

Best Shopify Twitter feed apps

Twitter feed by Elfsight is another great app for embedding tweets, and Twitter feeds to your Shopify website. You can spice things up by including tweets with videos and images on your website. Plus, you can tag your tweets to multiple hashtags.  

Elfsight Twitter Feed also allows you to show testimonials arranged according to the star rating. Showing testimonials is a proven way to convince new customers to trust your brand. A study has shown that 82% of internet users buy products after reading reviews. 

This app is flexible and allows you to do many things with your Shopify website. You can customize it however you want and add features that suit your business. It lets you customize your widget, share your tweets on Facebook, add any language of your choice.  

Twitter feed for Twitter has a detailed FAQ section on its Shopify app page you can always consult whenever you run into issues while using the app. 


You can enjoy a 7-day free trial on the app. Getting access to all the features of the app comes at a cost. 

Twitter feed by Elfsight costs $5.99 per month or $4.99 billed at $59.88 annually. 

3. Twitter Timeline By Omega

Twitter timeline app for Shopify

Twitter Timeline by Omega lets you add Twitter tag IDs to your site, allowing you to retarget your ads on Twitter, and without writing any code. All you need to do is copy the code to your theme and use it the way you want.

Using this app makes it easy for you to track your ads’ performance on Twitter, and figure out how to optimize them for better results. 

The app is highly optimized for mobile devices since most online shoppers prefer shopping with a mobile device. 

Twitter Timeline is a free Twitter feed app with good customer support care available 24 hours on working days. 

4. Twitter Feed Ninja

best twitter feed apps for Shopify

Do you want to add a Twitter feed to your Shopify store website? There’s a whole lot you can do with this app. For example, you can notify your customers about your upcoming sales and find out what they think about the products they already bought. Doing this will help increase your sales and conversion rate.

Twitter feed ninja is compatible with multiple browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and mobile browsers. Compatibility with several browsers gives you the freedom to work with any convenient browser. 

The platform has a support team available 24/7 to help its customers. 


Twitter feed ninja offers a 14-day free trial and one paid plan. The paid plan costs $4.99 per month. 

5. Auto Post Facebook, Twitter

Autopost feed app

One of the many things you may struggle to meet up with is posting products, reviews, and other content on your social media page. That is where Auto Post Facebook comes in.

Auto Post Facebook is an app created by Socialhead to help you automatically post your content on Facebook and Twitter. 

It will help you post various content from your collection at the right time. 

Interestingly, the app is not only limited to automatically posting products and product reviews on Twitter and Facebook. It can also help you with your marketing needs.

With auto-post, you can add your logo to your product image, auto-generate the discount code, and display the discount rate and product tags. These features can help attract more customers and increase your conversion rate. 

Additionally, if you have multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts, you can manage them all with auto-post. Just schedule your product posting time and go about your other businesses Рeverything else is automatically taken care of. 


Auto-post has three paid plans and a free one. It offers a 14-day free trial for the paid plans. 

  • The standard plan costs $9.95 per month. You can connect three social accounts to your profile and post 250 content per month.
  • The premium plan costs $19.95 per month. It allows you to connect seven social accounts and post 750 content monthly.
  • The Platinum plan costs $49.95 each month for 15 social accounts and up to 5,000 posts per month.

6. Latest Tweet By Webkul

Latest Tweet feed app

Last on our list of best Twitter Feed Apps for Shopify is Latest Tweet, a product of Webkul. As the name implies, the app can display all your latest tweets on your Shopify website. To use Webkul, all you need to do is sign in with a username and a password Рthe rest is easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

If you own more than one Twitter profile and want to display feeds from the multiple accounts on your Shopify, Webkul has made that possible. While customizing your website, you can place the block for the latest tweet anywhere on your website. 


Latest Tweet by Webkul is not a free app. It costs $5 per month or $4.88, billed at $55 annually. You can try the app for three free days. 


There you have it, the best Twitter feed apps for your Shopify store. We hope any of the apps will be of help to you.

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