7 Best Business Name Generators for Shopify

Business name generators come in useful when you are looking to create a memorable, attention-grabbing name for your business.

A name is the most outstanding thing about any business. They are very valuable because they hold the identity of the business and can directly impact the business’s performance.

Understandably, coming up with a business name for your Shopify store may be overwhelming. And you may be tempted to use the first random names that come to mind. The problem is that whatever random name comes to mind has probably been taken up by someone else.

Use a business name generator instead.

That is why we have written this article specially for you. In this post, you will find the best business name generators that will help you come up with a catchy store name. These tools make it easy to find the right name that fits snugly well with your brand.

But first, let’s go a little deeper to understand better what a business name generator is, how it can help, the importance of having a memorable store name, and more.

3 Reasons Why a Memorable Business Name is Important

A simple question I suggest every entrepreneur looking to name their business should ask is “Can this name speak for my business in my absence?” the answer to that question can make a lot of difference. I assume you already have I

If you want your business to stand out in the sea of competition you need to choose the perfect name that can do justice to your aim. Yes, your business model is excellent, but there are probably others operating on a similar model. A good business can help set you apart.

1. Make A Good First Impression

The first thing about your business that potential customers will come in contact with is often your business name. The way the name sounds and feels can influence their decision to give you a try. We all know that first impression is not always a true representation of a business.

However, making a good one won’t harm you either. A good first impression will encourage first-time customers to become return customers. And also cause potential customers to give your business a try.

apart from the quality of service you render, one of the many reasons first-time customers will return is how easy it is to remember your brand name. So, you want to ensure that your store name makes a lasting impression on your customers so they can find you with ease.

2. Differentiate Your Brand

Your business name should help your customers tell you apart from your competitors. If your business is in a saturated industry, chances are that many competitors will be using similar names.

To avoid confusing your customer and possibly losing them to a rival, you should pick a name that separates you from the crowd.

Also, if a customer decides to recommend your brand to people around them, a unique brand name will be easier to remember and differentiate from the rest.

3. To Spark the Right Emotion

Words are powerful. Naming your business with the right words can spark the kind of emotion that will get people talking and choosing your brand over competitors.

Your brand name also determines how people will perceive your business. Some names can spark a positive or negative feeling which will influence how people will interact with your business going forward.

In addition, some names sound feminine, some sound masculine, while many others are neutral. The feminine name will resonate loudly with your female audience, causing more women to look up and vice versa.

For example, a name like “Shop Baby Boutiques” tells you that the business specializes in children. This can excite a mother who just found out about the brand to give it a try.

What is A Business Name Generator?

A business name generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate a list of creative and brandable names for almost every industry. All you have to do is to input a keyword, select your industry and then let the tool go to work.

Some business name generators can also help you generate and register domain names.

How Can A Business Name Generator Help You?

Successfully launching a business is a dream come through for many entrepreneurs. However, finding the right name for your business can obscure this dream.

Not many entrepreneurs are equipped to handle it alone. This is where a brand name generator comes in. Aside from generating name ideas, a business name generator can help you in more ways than you would expect.

Here are ways  Shopify business name generators can help your business.

1. Gives you a good Headstart

The beginning phase of a business is very crucial. This is when you focus on developing your business idea and a working strategy. But, it is also the time to pick a name for your business. As they say, it is all in the name.

Using a brand name generator relieves you of the hassle of coming up with a name. You can use these tools to get a brandable name for a start. You can always change the name at any point. For example, Google changed its name from Backrub to Google.com in 1997.

2. Increases Discoverability

Your business name will directly your business performance in the market. It can influence sales and the perception of the general public about your brand.

Having a memorable business name will have tongues wagging about your brand and more customers taking an interest. And a company name generator can help you with the distinct name.

3. Helps You Avoid Legal Issues

You would be surprised to discover that a name you thought never existed already has a patent. One time I tried opening an Instagram account with a name I thought only I could have.

However, to my greatest shock, it was already taken. Now imagine naming your business after an existing business without knowing the name has been taken. That is not a position you want to find yourself in.

To avoid legal issues, many Shopify name generator tools will tell you if a domain name is available or not and which extensions you can use.

4. Cut Down on Costs

For many businesses, especially SMEs, the goal is to reduce costs and maximize profit. So why spend money on something you can get for free? You don’t have to spend a fortune or even a dime just to get a name for your business.

There are many free brand name generators that will help you generate hundreds and thousands of store name ideas for your e-commerce store.

We have handpicked some of these tools for you in the later part of this article. So, keep reading to learn more.

5. Align the Business Name With the Services

Unless you run a popular brand, your business name should tell your audience from the jump what you offer. However, it doesn’t always have to be so. But having a direct name won’t hurt you.

This may be a bit challenging because names are often short. That is why you need a brand name generator. You just have to input the relevant keywords and the tools generate a list of names for you.

7 Best Business Name Generators for Shopify

1. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify business name generator

Shopify is one of the best e-commerce platforms for online sellers. Not only is it an ideal platform for hosting e-commerce businesses, but it also offers a suite of free tools for maximizing performance.

Some of these tools include the Shopify app store and a business name generator. The Shopify business name generator provides you with brand name ideas when you input a search query. And the website promises to do so in just 10 secs.

The 10-second business name idea generator gives you a head start on finding a catchy business name for your Shopify store. You must not use the name it generates. You can simply choose a brand name from the store name idea list and tweak it to match your brand.

In addition to inputting specific search queries to generate a brand name, you can search for business name ideas by categories such as accessories, apparel, beauty, and skincare.

2. Wix Business Name Generator

Wix Business Name Generator

Wix business name generator is a free tool that helps business owners like you create unique names for their businesses. The tool is powered by AI technology that enables it to generate a list of Shopify store names for you.

How does it work?

For Wix to help you generate store names, you need to input relevant keywords (words closely related to your brand) and your industry, then click on the “generate name button” It will bring out a long list of online store name ideas. Select the one that best describes your business, and you are good to go.

In addition to Shopify store name ideas, it will also show you available domain names so you can make an informed decision. Wix is more than just a business name generator, it also serves as a domain name generator, business card maker, QR code and invoice generator.

3. Domain Wheel Business Name Generator

wheel name generator

Domain Wheel is another popular Shopify name generator. It is a free tool for finding brandable store name ideas. And it is very easy to use. Domain wheel works with the help of AI, making it an intuitive tool that produces excellent results.

It allows you to generate names for your blog, brand, business, domain, business, and more.

To use Domain Wheel, you only need to enter a keyword that closely describes your business and search for a domain name. You have the option to check domain availability, or you could turn it off. Pick a name that works for you from the list and register it if your wish.

This tool generates good business and domain names for Shopify with multiple extensions like .com, .net, .info, .co, .blog, .store, .online, and more. You can also choose how many characters you want your brand name to have.

4. NameSnack Business Name Generator

Namesnack business name generator

Next on our list is the NameSnack Business name generator, a free tool that generates catchy business name ideas.

NameSnack is an AI-Powered tool that can create over 1,000 business and domain names from keywords. To get these results, it requires that you type in some keywords.

After that, the next step is to select a category and then click the generate button.

The next page will lead you to select a category. After picking a category and hitting the “generate” button, you will see some unique business and domain names. NameSnack allows you to choose names either as .com or .co.uk.

What’s more, NameSnack can generate a logo along with a business name.

5. NameStation – Domain Name Generators

Namestation business name generators

NameStation is a tool that helps you generate all kinds of names ranging from generic to one-word, two-word, AI-generated, conceptual, and more.

When you input a search term, NameStation can generate up to 3,000 names broken down into multiple categories. You can then select the name that suits your Shopify brand.

6. Anadea Business Name Generator

Anadea business name generator

Anadea is another great tool that enables you to come up with memorable names for your Shopify business quickly and easily.

To use, just search for a keyword and input it into Anadea. Then relax and watch Anadea go to work. It can generate hundreds of names in a minute, giving you unlimited business names to choose from.

Besides using it to generate a name for your business, you can also use it to generate a name for your app, if you are an app developer.

7. Oberlo Business Name Generator


Oberlo is a platform designed specifically for Shopify users. It offers many beneficial features and tools, one of which is the business name generator. This tool is 100% free and very easy to use.

Oberlo business name generator helps you come up with a business name when you enter a word you want to include in your brand name. After entry, it will generate up to 100 shop name ideas for your Shopify store.

You can also trademark the business name it generates so that no one else can use it.

Here is a sample of what we got for the keyword “audiobooks”

Before You Go

Now that you understand the importance of having a memorable business name and how a business name generator can help you, it’s about time you picked one from the list of generators we’ve shared here.

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