Best Free Shopify Themes

Best Free Shopify Themes

Are you starting a Shopify store and looking for the best free Shopify theme to get your store off the ground? We’ve got you covered. There are many free Shopify themes to choose from. You just need to know where to look.

The right Shopify theme can go a long way in helping you create a stunning storefront. What’s more, free Shopify themes come with helpful features to allow you to optimize your website for optimum conversion.

We’ve hand-picked 23 responsive, captivating, best free Shopify themes for you! But first, let’s see some things you should look out for when selecting a free Shopify theme.

Features to Look For in Shopify Templates

Here are factors to consider when choosing a free Shopify theme.

  • Mobile responsiveness and speed: According to the Search Engine Journal, “40% of people abandon a website that takes more than three seconds to load”. So, if a Shopify theme takes too long to load, especially on mobile devices, you might lose a significant percentage of your shoppers.
  • User-friendly navigation: You don’t want your customers to leave your store because it’s challenging to navigate.
  • Customization options: Getting a flexible theme gives you the leverage of setting it up to fit your brand style and business niche.
  • SEO optimization options: If your Shopify theme doesn’t allow SEO optimization, your store will be invisible to your audience.
  • Shopify apps compatibility: It’s an advantage if your theme is compatible with Shopify apps and functions well.
  • Automatic update and customer support: Automatic updates are necessary to keep your store looking new and modern. A theme with a customer support feature will skyrocket your sales and improve the customer experience.

Now that you know what features to consider when choosing a free Shopify theme, here is a list of the 23 best free Shopify themes.

25 Best Shopify Themes That Are Free

The free Shopify themes listed below are for any Shopify store, and you can easily customize them to suit your style. You can easily source them from the Shopify theme store.

1. Debut Free Shopify Theme

Free Shopify Theme

The Debut theme is one of the most popular free Shopify themes. It has a beautiful layout that needs little or no customization. If you’re looking for an attractive theme with good functionality, you should think Debut Shopify theme.

The debut theme has a slideshow feature that allows you to showcase multiple products on the top of your page. With this slideshow, you can create stories on your business website.

Also, this theme offers testimonial and product filtering features. This can go a long way in improving customer experience and generating traffic for your business.

2. Brooklyn Free Shopify Theme

Brooklyn free Shopify theme

If you’re in the fashion niche and wondering what theme will suit your store, you just found one.

Brooklyn is one of the free Shopify themes with fantastic features. It supports quality images and is highly responsive.

The Brooklyn theme also allows you to display your products using a slideshow. Another beautiful thing about this Shopify theme is that it is SEO optimized! Your store is visible to your target audience without actually doing much. Sounds good, right?

This free theme has a slide-out cart, allowing your customers to add items to their carts without leaving their current page.

3. Debutify Free Shopify Theme

Debutify Shopify theme

If you’re looking for a customizable theme that loads pretty fast, then it’s certainly Debutify. It’s also one of the free Shopify themes with a currency converter.

Debutify allows you to use slideshows to create custom presentations of your product. Amazing features like fade-in animations and slider options are also available.

This has to be one of the best free Shopify themes available. It has a customizable header and footer that allows you to edit navigation, menu, images, texts, and social media links.

The Debutify theme will make your store stand out and give your customers excellent first impressions. It’s stylish and mobile-friendly too.

4. Dawn Free Shopify Theme

Dawn theme

The Dawn free Shopify theme has what Debut offers and more. It’s also easily customizable.

Dawn is a highly flexible and easy-to-use theme that boosts your site’s performance. Just like Debut, you can also present your products in a slideshow. Although it is super-customizable, it is perfect for niches like clothing, home, and beauty.

If you want to get a highly responsive Shopify theme, the Dawn theme is a great option.

5. Narrative Free Shopify Theme

Shopify free themes

If you have a minimal store with moderate inventory, Narrative is your best bet. Its layout is perfect for showcasing single products, and this is because it has multiple sections where you can describe each of your products. The narrative theme is ideal for beginner Shopify merchants.

You could use videos, carousels, and images to highlight your products. It’s also highly suitable for content marketing because of its visual storytelling features.

It has a fixed navigation button that enhances a better browsing experience and pretty helpful menu pop-ups.

The Narrative theme is mobile-friendly and responsive. So, your customers can have the best browsing experience whether they are visiting your store with a mobile device or computer.

6. Colorblock

Colorblock Shopify Theme

Colorblock is known for two things; simple and clean.

This makes it an ideal theme if you are thinking of selling clothes online.

It has numerous styles suitable for Shopify stores ranging from fashion, music, electronics, etc. Besides this, it also has product filtering features that can highlight and categorize your products.

Colorblock gives your users the ability to zoom your product images which helps them view your product in a detailed manner. There’s also a related product feature where your users can find items similar to each other.

7. Supply Free Shopify Theme

Supply Shopify theme

The Supply theme offers a homepage with extensive collections and galleries. So, if you have a vast inventory and want to start a Shopify store, Supply does it for you.

This theme has social media icons, and beautiful color palettes to pick from. In addition, it also has a customizable home section, where your customers can learn about your store.

Most importantly, it is mobile-friendly, and this feature alone enhances customer engagement and experience.

This free Shopify theme has a collection filtering feature that allows your shoppers to filter products by brand, price, and style.

8. Venture Free Shopify Theme

Shopify free theme

Venture theme is another free theme suitable for online stores with large inventory. It has an impressive edge-to-edge slideshow, multi-column drop-down menus, and great animation.

This Shopify theme is SEO optimized and has a product filtering feature based on price. This beautiful theme is mostly used by outdoor niche store owners. It’s a good combination of bold and minimal.

Venture has a great homepage design that draws the attention of its users and gives them information about the site from the get-go. It is certainly one of the best free Shopify themes if you have an outdoor business, with an extensive product catalogue.

9. Simple Free Shopify Theme

Simple Free Shopify theme

Just as the name goes, this theme is simple! It is a minimalist free Shopify theme that you could use with an extensive catalog.

Simple theme has lots of white spaces that allow you to showcase your products without distracting your shoppers. It is the perfect description of clean and minimal!

Besides having a neat layout, this Shopify theme also has some great features. It offers a product zooming feature that allows your user to view the slightest details of your products.

This theme also has a sidebar navigation tool that enhances viewing on the home page.

Want to know another fantastic thing about Simple? It has a recommendation section just like Amazon! So your customers get to see which products are highly recommended for them. In addition to these, this theme also has a product review feature where your shoppers can see your product reviews.

10. Boundless Free Shopify Theme

Boundless free Shopify theme

Looking for a free theme that is perfectly optimized for mobile devices? Boundless has got you covered. With this Shopify theme, you can upload larger images as it features edge-to-edge photography.

You also get a full product display section to keep your customers’ attention captured from the beginning of your page. Plus, these slideshows aren’t static; they change every 5-8 secs.

As for your product images, they will be displayed in an attractive full-width grid style. Boundless free Shopify theme offers sticky navigation, so your menu remains at the top as you scroll down the page.

Boundless is bold and modern and is best for you if you have a medium-sized inventory. This theme is also easily customizable and you can use it for various niches.

11. Surprise Free Shopify Theme

Surprise Shopify Theme

The surprise theme is one of the best free Shopify themes. It is beautiful, fresh, and modern. If you don’t want to use outdated styles and features some other themes offer, you should consider the Surprise theme.

This Shopify theme has featured sections that could arrange your store elegantly and orderly. This enables your customers to easily navigate through your shop.

With the Surprise theme, you can build a professional Shopify store where you can market your products, especially if you sell household interior items.

12. SectionHub Free Shopify Theme

SectionHub Free Shopify Theme

SectionHub, as the name goes, comes with inbuilt sections, comment blocks, and many other elements. This theme was developed with the SectionHub builder Shopify app and is quite flexible.

This theme makes designing an eye-popping web page easy because there are already inbuilt amazing sections, and you don’t need to stress yourself. Also, it’s responsive and gives your customers a great browsing experience on your store.

With SectionHub free Shopify theme, you can add more sections and style your store in sync with your taste.

13. SuitUP Free Shopify Theme

Free theme for Shopify

SuitUp is a unique free Shopify theme and is very minimal in nature. It’s a theme that allows you to choose from five different shop layouts with various styles.

Also, you can customize this theme to suit your niche, whether it’s fashion, electronics, furniture, etc. SuitUP theme is great for SEO because it is lightweight and loads pretty fast. It doesn’t have large images that could reduce your Shopify website’s speed, improving your website’s user experience.

This theme is highly responsive and a great choice for fashion brands. It features a mega menu, product filters, shopping cart, multi-currency, and multilingual function.

14. Thalia Free Shopify Theme

Thalia Shopify theme

When a shopper opens your Shopify store and finds it a bit messy or disorderly, they may be discouraged and just leave. You certainly wouldn’t like to lose your customers simply because of your store’s outlook.

If you’re seeking an excellent minimalist theme, Thalia fits in. This theme speaks professionalism with its aesthetics and is highly recommended for fashion brands.

You can also customize the Thalia theme to fit your brand style, colors, fonts, and even sections. Not to forget, this free Shopify theme also has a flexible navigation feature, a top menu, and a sidebar.

15. Fashe Free Shopify Theme

Fashe Shopify Theme

The Fashe theme is quite similar to the Thalia free theme. Like the Thalia Shopify theme, it has a sidebar and sticky navigation. It also has an inbuilt toolbar to help you boost and promote your sales.

The Fashe free Shopify theme also offers a collection of stunning images you can use. However, you may want to do without this feature if you need a high page-loading speed.

It has limited support options and can be quite slow. So, this theme isn’t mobile-friendly.

16. Express Free Shopify Theme

Free themes for Shopify

Express is the perfect theme if you sell pastries. This free Shopify theme is unique and can help you stand out from other baking stores.

Most times, it is difficult to tell between a Shopify bakery store and a coffee store firsthand, and this is because they usually have a relatively similar outlook.

The Express free Shopify theme solves this confusion. You can attract more customers to your store just by being unique. Talk about style? It beats many similar themes and is easy to download.

This free Shopify theme also gives you a well-arranged layout and features like slide-out carts, featured collections, and navigation support.

17. AP MixMart – Free Shopify Theme

MixMax theme

Searching for something artistic and has great aesthetics to portray your business identity or brand? AP MixMart does just that for you, and this is why many arts and crafts Shopify store owners use it.

This Shopify theme has a minimalist design and allows you to showcase your products on your homepage. AP MixMart has a customization function that enables you to style your store as you want.

Did we mention how responsive this theme is? It’s quite responsive and easy to navigate, so it won’t give your customers any hard time.

18. Spare Parts – Free Shopify Theme

Best Spare

If you’re an auto dealer and wondering if there’s any free Shopify theme for you. The Spare Parts theme has something good for you!

This theme was specifically designed for automobiles, spare parts, and online equipment shops on Shopify. The Spare Parts theme isn’t just for vehicle spare parts but also works for electronic gadget stores as well.

It’s easily customizable, too, so you can style and design your store just as you want. Besides, you have beautiful color palettes to pick from that match your brand color.

Spare Parts theme is fully responsive and supports Oberlo for dropshipping, as well as being mobile-friendly.

19. Haunt Free Shopify Theme

Haunt Shopify theme

Who says you can’t find a perfect free Shopify theme for your Jewelry store? Haunt Shopify theme fits the bill.

With this theme, you can easily set up a super-attractive jewelry store on Shopify. It has a luxury design on its homepage that makes your online shop lovely and elegant.

Haunt allows you to upload quality, zoomable pictures. It’s quite flexible and can work well on your shoppers’ mobile and desktop devices. You can also customize its layout to fit your brand style.

20. Bulb Free Shopify Theme

Bulb Shopify Theme

This is yet another free theme for your electronic and gadget store! The Bulb free theme has all you need to build an online store on Shopify.

This theme is limited in some ways and can’t be compared to a premium Shopify theme. Regardless, it still serves its purpose. It’s simple, clean, and puts your product images at the center of the website!

The good thing is, that’s not all it has to offer! It is a fully-SEO optimized theme that can help increase your website’s visibility on search engines. Besides having these features, it also supports Google fonts and loads well on most modern browsers.

21. Forest Free Shopify Theme

Best free shopify themes

With Shopify free themes, no niche is left out. So if you’re an interior decorator or sell household furniture, there’s a theme just right for you!

Forest free Shopify theme is minimal and modern with lots of amazing features. It has a responsive layout and an extensive product catalog, which showcases your merchandise without crowding the homepage.

22. Constance Free Shopify Theme

Constance free Shopify theme

Constance was built with beauty and lifestyle brands in mind. This theme has just the right features every beauty product vendor needs.

It has a beautiful homepage design that you can customize and a neat layout. Constance has functions that can highlight your beauty products or collections. Likewise, this theme has product filtering features based on brand or price.

23. AP Envy Free Shopify Theme

Envy theme

AP Envy is certainly one of the free themes for Shopify that ticks all the features a good Shopify theme should have. It has a user-friendly navigation button and looks beautiful on mobile too.

This free theme is also Shopify compatible, so it means it perfectly fits in Shopify sections without much customization.

Wondering what industry this theme is most useful for? It’s the fashion niche. If you want an online store for your fashion brand, AP Envy would be great for you.

24. Impulse Theme

Impulse Shopify Theme

Selling for just $350, Impulse is the Shopify theme you need to give your website a chic look and vibe. It is translation ready and comes with a built-in store locator and age verifier tool, color swatches and a countdown timer.

25. Empire Shopify Theme

And so we wrap things up with the Empire Shopify Theme. Although this theme isn’t free, we thought it wise to include it here because it offers lots of remarkable features.

One is that it lets you add notes to your shoppers’ cart to entice them to complete their purchases. In addition, it supports animation and image zooming. It also makes it easy to add breadcrumbs and a mega menu to improve your customers’ buying experience.



As a business, you need to stand out amidst your competitors, and having a fully-responsive, well-structured, optimized, and beautifully-designed store is an excellent way to do that.

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