10 Best Chat Apps For Shopify

chat apps Shopify

Are you looking for the best chat apps to use on your Shopify website? This post is for you!

As a Shopify store owner, you need paying customers to keep your business afloat. But for that to happen, you need to put certain measures in place to keep customers loyal to your brand.

This is where effective communication and customer support come into play,  especially when you run multiple stores on a different platform.

But for your customers to have effective communication with you, it’s important to have a chat app in place. A chat app allows you to answer visitors’ questions and attend to their issues.

By using a chat app, your website’s bounce rate will reduce, sales will increase, and response time will be reduced.

With that said, let’s now discuss the best chat apps you can use on your Shopify website.

1. Tidio – LiveChat & Chatbot

Tidio live chat app

First on our list of chat apps for Shopify is Tidio.

Why Tidio?

Tidio integrates all chats, including live chat, messenger, email chat, bot chat and Instagram into one chat panel, allowing you to promptly respond to customers. With Tidio, you are guaranteed to boost customer satisfaction which can help improve sales.

These features are designed to take care of all business needs.

Tidio provides real-life support, making it easy for your customers to receive instant responses from your support team.

Moreso, Tidio has a chatbot feature that works on a 24/7 basis, making it easy for you to take care of shopping issues related to shipping, cart abandonment, order status, return policy, etc.

What’s more, Tidio offers 24-hour support, supports multiple languages, and is free. Tidio integrates with more than 20 apps including Mailchimp and Google Analytics. It is easy to install and mobile-friendly.

Pricing: Free plan, Communication plan($29/Month), Chatbots Plan($49/Month)

2. Gobot

10 Best chat apps Shopify

Gobot is another great chatbot app for Shopify.

It has a quiz feature that makes it easy for you to understand your customers’ needs, personalize their shopping experience, and many more.

Also, it tracks Facebook pixel and Google Ad events for product recommendations and answers. Furthermore, Gobot makes it easy to engage your customers and collect marketing data from them using a quiz.

One advantage of Gobot is that it supports integration with many existing helpdesk solutions such as Zoho.

Pricing: Free to install.

3. Omega – Messenger & Live Chat

Omega Facebook messenger

Do you find it difficult communicating with customers on Facebook or looking for ways to resolve issues with customers through Facebook? Omega is a reliable chat app that connects your live chat to your messenger chat. It is easy to set up and simple to use.

Omega does not feature Chatbot, only live chat which is connected to your Facebook Messenger. This helps you chat with customers on your store from your Facebook fan page. Interestingly, you can now connect your Instagram to Live chat, this addition is relatively new and the best to drive traffic to your Instagram page. You can also chat with your customer through your Instagram page.

On top of that, Omega enables you to recover orders and abandoned carts with its recovery campaign.

Pricing: Free. Premium($9.99/Month)

4. Reamaze – Live Chat, Helpdesk CRM

chat app for shopify

Whatever platform your customers are using, Reamaze is sure to connect with them. When compared to other tools Reamaze stands out because of its powerful, efficient tools. With a variety of features and tools Reamaze provides excellent customer support that increases revenue.

Why Reamaze? As a store owner that has many stores, Reamaze allows you to seamlessly manage those stores at a time.

Moreover, as a Shopify store owner, you can create orders, edit, and update order data instantly and can also process refunds and cancellations with customer support conversation. The best part is that Reamaze makes it to measure the revenue your support team generates.

Pricing: Basic($29/Month), Pro($29/Month)

5. Chatra – Live Chat, Chatbot & Cart Saver

chat apps for Shopify

Developed by Roger Wilco LLC, Chatra is one chat ap for Shopify that you can count on.

This app is designed with amazing features that make your store stand out. With these features, you can identify problems, proffer solutions and understand your customers’ needs.

Also, it gives you the chance to interact with your shoppers in real-time, uses the cart contents to identify valuable customer needs and provides solutions based on the information.

Additionally, you can use Chatra to monitor who is on your websites, watch their cart and start chatting when they are stuck on checkout or processing order. Doing this makes their experience personalised and limits cart abandonment, these help boost sales and improve conversion.

Chatra is versatile as it integrates with Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messenger to connect with customers coming from these social platforms. It makes customer support easier and simpler.

Chatra is compatible with all devices and it is mobile-friendly. And there is continuity, no matter the device used, once logged in, all the chats are resumed with no chat lost.

Pricing: Free Plan, Essential Plan($21/Month), Pro Plan($29/Month).

6. Gorgias

best chat apps for Shopify

Are you searching for an app to manage all your customers in one place? Seek no more because you just found Gorgias.

Gorgias app comes with several tools and features that makes it easy for you to answer your customers’ questions and resolve their issues. You can coordinate as many as your email chat, Facebook, Phone chat, Instagram chat e.t.c from this app. Store owners use Gorgias to save money, time and increase productivity.

With Gorgias, you can see whatever the customer is doing on the page, monitor their carts, see order details, and duplicate or cancel orders while on the app.

Also, this app enables you to to communicate with your customers in real-time. Furthermore, it lets you create response template to answer your customers’ queries.

One exceptional feature of Gorgias is that it is not just used for live chat, you can connect it to other apps to perform actions like Facebook and Instagram

It supports multiple stores, connects multiple social platforms and is easy to install.

Pricing: Basic plan($60/Month), Pro plan($360/Month), Advanced plan($900/Month).

7. Relish AI Chatbot, Quiz & FAQ

relish chat app for Shopify

Owning an online store can be overwhelming and oftentimes you have so much to do with limited resources.

Relish takes away most of the work, leaving you with less work to do. When you are offline, it takes care of support, engages with customers and helps them find the right products.

Relish has an AI-powered chatbot that makes it possible to interact with your customers through quizzes.

In addition, this app offer solutions at every point of customers’ shopping, with the real-time exit-intent chatbot that enables you to engage customers who intend to leave your website by using discounts.

Going on, with the FAQ features, you can direct customers to pre-defined solutions and answers related to shipping, order cancellations and return policy.

Unfortunately, there is no free plan, but it comes with a 14-day trial.

Pricing: Grow($29/Month), Pro($69/Month), Premium($199/Month)

8. Willdesk – Live Chat, Help Center, FAQ Page

Willdesk Shopify app

Developed by UpperCommerce, Willdesk is your go-to solution for all customer support issues. It allows you to connect to your multiple stores and makes it easy to respond to customers instantly through live chat.

Interestingly, Willdesk has been deemed beneficial as it reduces 30% of customers’ queries.

Willdesk is easy to install, highly customizable, and supports over 40 languages. Plus, you can always get support from UpperCommerce whenever you are in need for it.

Surprisingly, Willdesk is free.

9. JivoChat Live Chat


JivoChat is essential for every eCommerce store. It’s a multi-purpose tool that make communicating with customers on your website a hassle-free experience.

When used properly, JivoChat can help boost your conversion rate and drop your bounce rate.  This Shopify chat app is visible in the store and instantly starts a conversation with your customers in the store by asking relevant questions related to the shoppers’ experience.

Why Choose JivoChat? It can connect up to 11 different social channels efficiently and fast. Add tags and reminders to all conversations which can be followed up to grow sales.

It is easy to install and compatible across all devices.

Pricing: Free Plan, Pro Plan($29/Month)

10. Maisie – Chatbot, Quiz + Chat

Best chat apps for Shopify

Some customers come to your store without intent to buy anything. Others come to buy but find it difficult to locate what they are looking for. Maisie can help solve all this problems in one go.

Using Maisie on your website can help boost your conversion rate and improve customer loyalty.

It can also help reduce the workload on your support staff.

Even better, Maisie has an exit-intent chatbot to engage customers by offering personalized incentives to make them come back to your store.

You can integrate Maisie with Facebook Messenger and create your personal chatbot.

However, there  is no free plan but there is a 14-day trial period for Maisie

Pricing: 5k Plan($15/Month), 10K Plan($29/Month).


Live chat app is necessary for every Shopify store. No matter the size of your store and audience, you need an effective way to communicate with your customers and these chat apps offer the best solutions in terms of customer support.

In this post, we’ve shared the 10 best chat apps based on their features, ratings, and reviews.

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