15 Best Trust Badge Apps for Shopify

Best Trust Badge Apps

Are you looking for the best trust badge apps for Shopify? This post is definitely for you!

Trust badge apps, as their name imply, are apps that let you create badges on your website to build trust with shoppers. Plus, they make these badges conspicuous enough to ensure your customers see them easily.

These badges can be anything from certifications, payment options, trusted brands, shipping options, sales popups etc.

In this post, we review the best 15 Shopify trust badge apps, including the free and paid ones. Without any further ado, let’s dive right into it.¬†

7 Free Trust Badge Apps for your Shopify Store

So we start with the free apps. These apps are free, have no hidden charges with no limited trial period. Once installed, you can use all features to create stunning badge designs.

1. Trust Badges Bear

trust badge app

Trust Badges Bear is a trust badge app launched on 31st July 2019 by Conversion Bear. As of the time of writing, it’s garnered over 1207 reviews with a 4.9-star rating. It’s one app you can depend on to set up your store for success and increase customer loyalty and trust.


Templates – Access to over 300 badge options when you install this app.

Customisation РDesign and customize your badge colors, messages, alignment, sizes etc, to match your store designs. Preferably, use the original design to reduce work stress.  

Location – Place your trust badge anywhere on your page. In the hero, cart or footer section. It can be placed on the product page too.

Support РIt supports all device sizes both mobile and desktop. 

It features a built-in animation option to further enhance your design and make your badge stand out.

2. Avada Trust Badge Sales Pop-up

Avada Trust Badge App

Avada Trust Badge is packed with a lot of features that make boosting sales on Shopify with trust badges a breeze.  It comes with a countdown timer feature to stir a sense of urgency in visitors and make them act swiftly. And you can place the timer wherever you want on your website.  

In addition, it has lots of ready-to-use badge templates for your site that can be customized to match your theme. 

With over 3,000 reviews and a positive rating of 5.0, this app is definitely one of the most powerful and best badge apps you can count on.


  • Best for content protection
  • Can be used to create multiple badge designs.

Interestingly, Avada has 8 more apps you can leverage to uplift your sales. Examples are the countdown timer, sales pop-up, live chat widget etc.

3. Trust Hero – Trust Badges

Trust Hero

Creating trust badges with Trust Hero can help reduce cart abandonment on your website, improve conversion, and boost sales.

It is simple to use, user-friendly and easy to customize. Some of the interesting features this app comes with are as follows: 


  • Over 115 icons and trust badge designs
  • Unlimited display option (meaning you can display trust badges wherever and however you want)
  • A dedicated support team, working 24/7 to give you the best solutions.

4. Trust Me – Trust Badges & Icons

Trust Me Badges and Icons

Developed by SEOAnt and launched on the 21st of November 2019, Trust Me is one app you can bank on to create trust with your customers. Interestingly, integrates with Loox, Sprocket, PageFly etc to provide the best badge solutions for your store. 

Creating trust badges with this app will not only boost conversions but also uplift the trust customers have in your business. Did we forget to mention that it is available in 5 languages, including Spanish and German?


  • Diverse shipping Badges
  • Payment Badges
  • Customizable Badge Placement
  • Option to preview on mobile and desktop views

5. Ultimate Trust Badges Pro

Ultimate Trust Badges Pro

This app developed by Crucial Commercial App makes your customers’ journey easier and better.¬†

It makes your customers purchasing decisions quick and faster.

Also, it enhances the store’s trust and credibility so that customers can see your store is secure at a glance.


Over 300 different Trust badges ready to use

Drag and drop tools to customize colour, size etc, to match your store designs.

Support both mobile and desktop sizes

Place it anywhere in your store with a click.


ROAR Trust Badges

Sixth on this list of best trust badge apps for Shopify is ROAR. It lets you create verifiable seals and badges, displaying them wherever you want on your store to enhance security and authenticity. 

When trust badges are placed on the site, they show customers that the brand is legit and can be trusted. 

ROAR Trust badges are easy to use and the setup is simple.

Works with all themes and can be customized to suit your taste or match your store theme.

7. TinyICONS


TinyICONS lets you spruce up your badges by adding attention-grabbing icons with a few clicks of the button. 

It offers a library full of icons and badges that you can use in your store. Additionally, it lets you customize your icons by adding your desired colors and tweaking their size to match the brand.

Want to import an icon into the app? That’s definitely not a problem.

Best of all, badge designs are responsive and can be placed anywhere on the site.

That’s about it for the free app. Let’s now turn our attention to the paid ones.

8 Paid Trust Badges Apps for Shopify

1. TrustedSite – Trust Badges

Trust Badge Apps for Shopify

Launched in 2014, TrustedSite is one trust badge you need in your Shopify Store. It lets you display trust badges you earned through certifications on your site. 

These certifications prove your authenticity and legitimacy so that your customers can earn the trust of your brand.  


  • A concise dashboard where you earn and manage your certifications.
  • Use certifications to increase customers‚Äô trust.
  • It features badges that help you to address visitors‚Äô concerns about malware, viruses etc.
  • Also, floating trust marks can be placed anywhere on your Shopify store.


TrustedSite consists of 4 different pricing plans including the Free Plan.

Free Plan 

  • Free for 500 visits per month
  • Certification for secured and verified business
  • And floating trustmark

Pro 2000 Plan

  • For 2000 visits per month
  • Up to 8 certifications
  • 11 trust marks
  • Also, offers shopper identity protection

Other plans include the Pro 5000 and Pro 10000 plans which offer the same features as the Pro 2000 with slight changes to the monthly visits as specified by the plan name. 

2. Trust Badges and Icons – Iconito

Trusted Badges & Icons

Installing and using this app on your site gives you a chance to boost your brand’s credibility and attract more customers. It comes with lots of pre-designed badge icons and banners you can place anywhere on your site. It can be on the homepage, product page, cart page or just about anywhere on your site.¬†

The best part is that it requires no prior coding experience to use.

Use these icons to grab shoppers’ attention to your brand to skyrocket your sales.


  • It is simple to use.
  • Accessible Icons library.
  • Placements can be manual or automatic.
  • Easy to customise


Free Plan

  • Free for up to 5000 page views
  • Allows only 3 icons per block
  • Regular icons and 2D icons only


  • $4.99/month
  • All is up to 50000-page views per month
  • Icons come in regular, 2D and 3D form

VIP Plan

  • $9.99/month
  • Unlimited features¬†
  • Personal icons upload

3. ShopClimb – Trust Badges


ShopClimb is a premium trust badge app that helps you to improve your conversion and grow your sales. 

It allows you to display payment icons that your customers trust anywhere on your app for an effective customer journey. In addition, it enables you to display trust badges on your checkout page to reduce abandoned carts. Although this feature is only for stores on the Shopify Plus plan.

Furthermore, it comes with multiple pre-designs that are easy to customize and set up. Using the app on your store lets you build trust with customers.


  • Geolocation-aware badges for local payment.
  • Drag and drop builder with custom badge placement
  • Fully customizable with multiple designs
  • All activities can be done directly from the Shopify Admin.


Free Plan

  • Only 145 payment badges
  • 250,000 pageviews/month
  • Customizing features¬†
  • Help support

Premium Plan

  • 2 million pageviews/month
  • Geolocation badge present
  • Over 670 premium badges
  • Including all¬† free plan features

Plus Plan

  • Premium and Unlimited features.

4. Trust Badge Master

Trust Badge Master

Communicate with your customers the easiest way possible, with this trust badge app. Trust badge master, a product of HulkApps is an important tool you need in your Shopify store.

It helps you to highlight and showcase unique services such as free shipping or worldwide shipping, money-back guarantee etc, you render in your store through trust badges.

Increase your Shopify store visibility and conversion when you show your customers all about your store at a glance.

Use badges to display your various payment options and other options you would like your customers to know about your brand. 


Custom security badges for credibility

A library of over 150 free trust badge for your store

Customize trust seals with URLs and tooltips.

Available in over 20 languages.


  • Free Plan (Free) and Pro Plan($10/month)
  • Over 50 trust badges
  • Over 150 payment badges¬†
  • Regular library updates etc.

However, the free plan comes with a HulkApps watermark for every badge display which is not in the paid plan.

5. Hextom: Ultimate Sales Boost

Hextom Ultimate Sales

Another great trust badge app we can vouch for is Hextom. The name says it all: it’s a perfect choice for Shopify merchants looking to boost their sales.¬†

provides you with the necessary tools, features, messages etc, to promote your sales from the landing page to the checkout page.

It is a very substantial app with significant interest in tools like trust and payment badges, countdown timers, free shipping, BOGO and other known features for sales optimization.

It integrates with PageFly, GemPages, and Translate My Store.

Features of the App

Up to 30 widgets and tools to boost sales and increase conversion.

Advanced product targeting and scheduling

Advanced geolocation and page trust badge targeting

Fully customizable and easy placement on any page in the store.


Free Plan

  • Free forever with trust badge, countdown timer, inventory countdown etc.

Paid Plan

  • Basic Plan – ($9.99/month)¬†
  • Professional Plan – ($29.99/month)
  • Advanced Plan – (79.99/month)

6. Sales Popup Conversion Pro

Trust Badge App

This sales promotion app uses various popup features to communicate with customers at every point of their shopping journey.

With a star rating of 4.8 and over 4000 reviews, this conversion and sales app is what you need in your Shopify store.

The trust badge is used to create social proof for customers that are new to your site to prove your credibility and authenticity.

Other features available include the stock countdown and announcement bar, sold counter and sales countdown.

In addition, it features 24/7 live chat support for every Shopify store.


  • $4.99/month
  • Unlimited impressions
  • Sales notification etc.

7. Urgency Pack Ultimate

Urgency Pack Ultimate

Your all-in-one social proof tools and apps to manage your business, and boost sales and conversion.

It comprises various tools to manage the four major components in your store. They are the Trust badges, sales counter, countdown timer and sales popup.

No need to install another social proof app when you already have this app. It has all it takes to become a successful Shopify store.


  • $5.95/month with a 3-day free trial

8. Pretty Product Features

Trust Badge Apps

Get the best selling points, product features, and payment options to pop up in front of your customers with this trust badge and icon app.

You decide where and when you what the popup features to appear on your website.

Customise the badges with the built-in editor to suit and match the brand theme.


Growth Plan 

  • $4.95/month.
  • Unlimited number of products and orders

Shopify Store Plan

  • $19.95/month
  • WhatsApp support


So there you have it; 15 awesome trust badge apps to boost trust and loyalty on your site. These apps are easy to use and pocket-friendly. Plus, they are packed with loads of amazing features.

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