10 Best Oberlo Alternative Dropshipping Apps

Oberlo Alternative

Can’t find Oberlo on the Shopify store app? Well, the reason is that Shopify has decided to sunset Oberlo. From June 15, 2022 all Oberlo accounts will cease to exist.

The good thing about it is that you can always find an alternative dropshipping app. And there are lots of them on the market.

What then happens to your product data in Oberlo? You can conveniently migrate them to whatever dropshipping app you decide to work with.

In this post, we will be reviewing some of the best Oberlo alternatives you can switch to once Oberlo ceases to operate. The earlier you switch to an alternative dropshipping app, the faster you can complete all necessary migration activities.

Here are the best Oberlo alternative dropshipping apps for Shopify.

10 Best Oberlo Alternative Dropshipping Apps

1. Adoric

Although technically not a dropshipping app, Adoric is one app you can trust to help you boost your sales and grow your dropshipping business.

Adoric’s product recommendations are simplified for businesses across all niches. Doesn’t matter if you run a healthcare or a sportswear store, you can easily set up a recommendation campaign from your dashboard.

With Adoric installed on your Shopify store, you can track Direct sales vs Assisted revenue, impressions, clicks, and CTRs on your campaigns.

What’s more, Adoric makes it easy for you to time your product recommendations, thanks to our powerful audience targeting and campaign trigger feature.

You can also customize your campaigns to display on your Shopify store’s home page, collection page, product page, or cart page

Ready to take Adoric for a spin?

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2. DSers-Aliexpress Dropshipping


DSers-Aliexpress is one of the leading dropshipping apps that make it easy to find products on Aliexpress and import them to your store with a few clicks of a button.

As proof, Oberlo itself has recommended DSers as a viable alternative as it shuts down.

Oberlo alternative

What has DSers got to offer that makes it a viable alternative to Oberlo? A lot!

Firstly, DSers makes it easy to conveniently find dropshipping suppliers that match your budget and quality expectation right from your admin dashboard.

What’s more, DSers saves you a lot of time by allowing you to import multiple products to your store at one go with a tap of the button.

Do you have several dropshipping stores and will like to manage them from one spot? No worries; you can conveniently manage all of them with the DSers app.

Another reason to use DSers is that it offers multiple shipping options, allowing you to give your customers a seamless shopping experience.

How much does it cost to use this app? You can start for free. You can manage bulk orders, add three stores, and add PayPal as a payment provider on the free plan.


3. AutoDS Dropshipping Tools


Third on our list of best Oberlo alternatives is Dropshipping Automated AutoDS by AutoDS Dropshipping.

One of the interesting features of AutoDS is that it makes it easy for dropshippers to connect with suppliers in the US, Europe, Canada, or Australia.

Plus, with this app, you don’t have to manually update your products’ prices as they change on your supplier’s website; AutoDS handles that automatically.

On top of that, AutoDS comes with smart filters that make it easy for you to sort your inventory and manage your product collection.

How much does it cost to use AutoDS? Well, it depends on the plan you go for.

On the Products Importer plan (the most basic plan), you’d spend $24 a month using the app.

4. Spocket

Spocket Dropshipping App

If most of your customers live in the US, sourcing products on Aliexpress might not be a viable option. The reason is that since most suppliers on Aliexpress are based in China, it will take a long while for your customers to get their orders.

This is where Spocket comes into play. Spocket is a dropshipping platform that lets you connect with suppliers based in the US or Europe. And you know, the closer your suppliers are to your customers, the faster they will get their orders.

With Spocket, you can easily track your orders, build brand loyalty for your store by using branded packaging, fulfil customers’ orders with a few clicks of the button, and lots more.

Spocket has a free plan designed for entrepreneurs who prefer to test the waters before diving in. However, you can only browse Spocket’s inventory on the free plan. To use the app to dropship, you’d have to upgrade to the Starter plan, which costs $24.99/month.

5. Eprolo – Dropshipping & Branding

Eprolo Oberlo Alternative

Dropshipping is a fiercely competitive industry. One thing you can do to set your business apart is to build a solid brand around it. Branding your store will help improve how shoppers perceive your business and, at the same time, go a long way in helping you grow your sales.

The Eprolo Shopify app can help you with this.

This app lets you brand your dropshipping business by adding a customized logo to your shipping labels, packaging materials, and invoices.

On top of that, it allows you to import products to your store with a click of the button, manage your inventory seamlessly, track your orders, etc.

The coolest part is that this app is free to install.

6. Syncee


Syncee is a dropshipping marketplace that allows you to connect with over 12,000 brands spread across the world.

With Syncee, you can easily automate your product ordering and fulfillment process.

The app comes with an inbuilt messaging system that makes it easy for you to message a supplier you wish to work with.

In addition to that, Syncee has an in-built Data feed manager that allows you to manage your orders in bulk.

Do you want to test Syncee before making any financial commitment? That’s no problem because Syncee has a free plan that allows you to do just that.

7. Dropcommerce: US Dropshipping

Oberlo Alternative Dropshipping

Are you bent on working with suppliers that ship from the US? The Dropcommerce app makes it easy to connect with them.

With Dropcommerce, you don’t have to worry about losing your money to failed delivery. This is because you will get an instant refund if Dropcommerce fails to deliver your order.

In addition to that, it allows you to import products to your Shopify store without hassles, automate order fulfilment, track your orders, and lots more.

Dropcommerce has 4 pricing plans: Free, Basic($19/month), Growth($49/month), and Pro($89/month).

8. CJDropshipping

Oberlo Dropshipping Alternative

CJDropshipping is another alternative dropshipping app we recommend switching to as Oberlo wounds up.

What can you do with CJDropshipping? Well, a lot!

You to conveniently source products from dropshipping marketplaces such as Taobao and 1688 with this app.

Also, CJDropshipping makes it easy to track your orders in real-time. It also allows you to post a sourcing request if you are unable to find a particular product on the marketplace.

Additionally, this app comes with a shipping calculator that lets you calculate shipping fees accurately.

9. Importify

Importify Oberlo Alternative

Importify is one app that makes it easy for you to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

It handles everything from order fulfillment, product importation, pricing, etc., automatically for you.

Also, Importify makes it easy to find trending products to sell. It has an in-built editor you can use to add descriptions to your

Unfortunately, Importify has no free plan, but you can try the app for a day to see if it meets your business needs.

Importify currently has three pricing plans: Basic ($14.95/month), Premium ($27.95/month), and Gold ($37.95/month).

10. Printful

Printful Oberlo Alternative

Last on our list of Oberlo alternative apps for dropshipping is Printful.

Printful is ideal for online retailers that are into the t-shirt printing business or sell blankets, wall arts and other print-on-demand products.

With Printful, you can personalize your customers’ shopping experience by allowing them to buy products that match their tastes.

What’s more, Printful allows you to customize your product packaging, invoices, packing slips, etc. That way, your customers will think their orders came directly from your store and not Printful.

Printful is free to use.


By the 15th of June 2022, all Oberlo accounts will cease to exist. You definitely wouldn’t want to be caught off guard, so the earlier you switch to an alternative dropshipping app, the better.

We hope you found the ten Oberlo alternatives we shared in this post helpful.

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