10 Best AliExpress Dropshipping Apps for Shopify

Are you looking for the best Aliexpress dropshipping apps for Shopify? This post is for you.

Aliexpress is definitely one of the best marketplaces to find dropshipping products and sell to customers. However, finding products on Aliexpress and importing them into your store can be time-consuming.

Thankfully, you don’t have to do so manually – there are lots of Aliexpress dropshipping apps you can use.

With these apps, you can import products from sellers on Aliexpress into your stores along with their images, descriptions and titles. You can always edit them however you want.

Furthermore, these apps let you automate order fulfillment, such that once a product is requested by customers the order is automatically sent to the supplier and the fulfilment starts immediately. No delays and more than 100 orders can be fulfilled on a daily basis.

On top of that, using these apps ensures your product prices are always in sync with your suppliers’. You don’t have to manually adjust product prices when things change.

In this post, we will review some of the best Aliexpress dropshipping apps. But first, why use dropshipping apps on Shopify?

4 Reasons to Use Aliexpress Dropshipping Apps

  • To Save time and resources – You don’t have to manually search and add products to your stores – these apps handle that for you automatically.
  • No physical store or inventories – You don’t have to keep physical inventories.
  • Order fulfilment – Order fulfillment is handled automatically, allowing you to channel your time and attention to other meaningful ventures.
  • Profits – Your profit margins are 100% as you don’t pay for inventories or rent

10 Best Aliexpress Dropshipping Apps

Now you’ve seen why using an Aliexpress dropshipping app makes sense, let’s now review the best 10 to try.

1. Dsers – AliExpress Dropshipping

Dsers Aliexpress Dropshipping App

With over 10,000 positive reviews and a 5-star rating, Dsers is definitely one of the best Aliexpress dropshipping apps.

Using Dsers makes dropshipping a seamless experience, as it allows you to source products easily. Also, it simplifies the droppings process making it easy to sell on Shopify.

Furthermore, this app allows you to manage multiple dropshipping stores on Shopify. It also lets you source, import and edit products in minutes with a few clicks of the button. Product prices are updated in real-time so you don’t have to keep adjusting your prices manually.

Another reason why using Dsers makes sense is that it makes it easy to find and connect with potential dropshipping suppliers. You can easily compare product prices across multiple suppliers right from your admin dashboard.

What’s more, with Dsers, you can order hundreds of products with one click in a few minutes and your order will be received. It allows for bulk orders.

Since the process is automated, you can automatically track your orders and package status.


Basic Plan – Free. Manage 3 stores and 3000 products

Advanced – $19.90/month. Manage 10 stores and 20,000 products

Pro Plan – $49.49/month. Manage 25 stores and 75,000 products

2. Ali Orders AliExpress Dropship

Ali Orders is another great app to use if you run a dropshipping store on Shopify. It comes with a number of impressive features and tools.

Orders are automatic and save you time to focus on other parts of the business. Its main focus is to connect you to trusted suppliers while you take care of sales and marketing.

It integrates with AliExpress and other dropshipping apps and can be used directly in your Shopify admin.

Some of its features include;


Sell trending items from reliable and trusted suppliers on AliExpress. Import and push products from AliExpress into your Shopify store with just one click.

Easy to do with the built-in product info editor.


Product orders are made easy with this app. You can order hundreds of products within a few seconds. Ali Orders Automatically fulfils your AliExpress orders.

3. Dropshipman – Ali Dropshipping

Dropshipman app

Dropshipman is another great Aliexpress dropshipping app you can count on. This app enables you to source nice, high-quality products at competitive prices.

Interestingly, this app has a Chrome extension that you can use to import products in bulk from Aliexpress. In addition, if offers seamless shipping and integrates with several logistics services, including 3PLs.

Other interesting features are as follows:

One-click Product Import

Import products faster and in bulk with a click of a button using Dropshipman.

Seamless Order Fulfillment

Ship products faster and easier with Dropshipman. You also have the option of doing quality checks before shipping out your products. Plus, this app gives you the option of using custom packages for your products.

Round-the-clock Support

Enjoy round-the-clock support from Dropshipman’s support team.


Basic Plan – Free to install however, you pay for the cost of order items when fulfilled by Dropshipman

Advanced – $19.90/month

4. Auto DS All-In-One Dropshipping

AutoDS Aliexpress Dropshipping

With over 25000 users and a star rating of 4.8, Auto DS is one of the best AliExpress dropshipping apps for your Shopify store.

It takes over your product importation and order fulfilment, leaving ample time to do things that matter in your life.

Besides importing and fulfilment, it syncs product prices and stock automatically so that your store prices correspond with that of your suppliers.

It is straightforward to use as most processes are automated.

Use Auto Ds for:


Auto DS allows you to import as many product pictures as you want with just a click.

Also, it optimizes your product images including titles, descriptions and prices, setting it up just as it is on the supplier’s store.

Prices and Stock

It monitors the product stock and price. It immediately updates them when the need arises. No need to do that manually.

Order Fulfilment

It processes and fulfils your orders automatically. It can process and fulfil more than a hundred orders at once.

Track and monitor your revenue, sales, bestsellers and your business overview from the built-in dashboard.


Products Importer – $26.90/month. For 200 product importers from 20+ suppliers.

Starter – $39.90/month. For 500 product importers from 25+ suppliers.

Warrior Dropship – $66.90/month. For 1000 products and support 3 multiple store managers.

5. AliExpress Dropshipping & More

Aliexpress dropshipping app

Aliexpress Dropshipping & More is easily one of the easiest dropshipping apps on the Shopify app store. It makes it easy to find products at lower prices, making it better than some apps. Using this app enables you to expand your business.

On top of that, it makes it easy to import products from AliExpress or other supplier sites to any of your Shopify stores (if you operate multiple Shopify stores).

Furthermore, it comes with smart filters that let you find products you are looking for quickly. And it can update your prices in real-time and automatically from Aliexpress.


Free plan – Import products from Appfreaker supply with your brand logo printed on the shipping label

Basic Plan – $5/month – Import up to 5k from AliExpress, Tomtop Appfreaker etc

Standard Plan – $10/month – Import up to 10k products from Alibaba, Appfreaker etc.

Professional Plan – Import up to 20k products from Ebay, Amazon, AliExpress etc.

6. Spocket – US & EU Dropshipping

Spocket Aliexpress dropshipping app

Spocket partners with AliExpress and Alibaba to provide seamless product dropshipping, product imports and order fulfilment.

Easy to find and shop winning products from suppliers within the US, Europe, Canada, Asia, Australia and Brazil with a few clicks.

You can also source products from random websites using the reverse image search.

Features of Spocket

AliExpress Shipping made easy through automation

Fast shipping for EU and US products

Offers massive discounts without minimum orders

Allow branded invoicing for your brand.

Renders 24/7 support services.


Free plan – Free AliExpress dropshipping.

Starter Plan – $29.99/month – add up to 25 products

Pro Plan – $49.99/month – Add up to 250 products, 25 premium products and branded invoicing

Empire Plan – $99.99/month – Add up to 10,000 products, 10k premium products branded invoicing and VIP support.

7. EPROLO – Dropshipping & Branding


Are you tired of Aliexpress dropshipping apps that are just too slow? Eprolo is the best app to try. It offers standard dropshipping solutions for Shopify merchants. In addition, this app offers remarkable support and is largely easy to use.

Other interesting features this app offers are as follows:

Seamless Product Sourcing

Eprolo lets you find winning products faster and more efficiently.


Ship your products with your brand logo, private labels, branded boxes, bags, flyers etc.


Works with the best industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers.


Junior branding services – $19.99 one-time payment

Senior branding services – $99 per year.

8. Importify – Dropshipping & Branding

Importify dropshipping app

Importify connects with over 30 popular marketplaces where Shopify store owners can find products.  This ensures you find winning products quickly without hassles. What’s more, this app allows you to edit and update product prices and descriptions quickly.

Additionally, you can use it to monitor the prices and sales performance of your competitors. Also, it gives you details of other shop’s winning products that you can sell in your store.

Finally, it gives you the option of automating most of your processes to improve efficiency.


Basic Plan – $14.95/month

Pro Plan – $27.95/month

Empire Plan – $37.95/month

9. Dropshipmate – Dropshipping

Dropshipmate Dropshipping

Dropshipmate is one of the dropshipping apps you can use to supercharge your sales. Using this app lets you connect to the best supplier on dropshipping sites such as AliExpress, Amazon, Alibaba etc.

Moreover, you can import unique products from AliExpress through this app and customize them however you want. Plus, it lets you fulfill orders swiftly with just a click. It also gives you the option of sending notifications to your customers about the status of their orders.

Dropshipmate is a great choice if you are just getting into dropshipping or on a tight budget.


Standard Plan – $15/month

Enterprise Plan – $30/month

10. Dropified – Dropshipping

Dropified Dropshipping App

And so we wrap things up with Dropified. With this app, you can connect your store to over 50 marketplaces, including Aliexpress. Once you get an order in your store, it is immediately sent to your supplier for fulfillment. No delay whatsoever.

All the processes are automatic so you don’t have to do much other than focusing on growing your business. This app gives the option to edit and customize imported products in a breeze.

On top of that, it enables you to create enticing sales offers to attract more customers. It also has a notification feature that lets you notify customers about their orders.

The coolest part is that it has an intuitive dashboard from where you can track your sales.


Free plan – 10% fulfilment fee for free plan order. Import up to 25 products. Product board and Bulk orders.

Pro Plan – $47/month – Unlimited products, orders, and product research board.

Elite Plan – $97/month – Unlimited products and orders, advanced mapping and bundling, automated price markups, and advanced image editor.


Dropshipping can be an immensely profitable online business which costs almost nothing to start. But, it can be challenging to run, especially if you are sourcing products from Aliexpress. This is why you need the right Aliexpress dropshipping app.

Lucky for you, we’ve reviewed the best 10 Aliexpress dropshipping apps. All you have to do now is pick one and try it.

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