14% Uplift in Sales Revenue; Everything 5 Pounds Case Study

Everything 5 pound case study
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Learn how Everything 5 Pounds grew their sales revenue by 14%

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Have you tried every marketing tactic in the book to increase your sales, but achieved very little results? If so, we understand your frustrations.

But did you know that with the right set of tools and some tweaking, you can drive more sales from your website?

In this case study, you will get to find out how Everything 5 Pounds was able to increase their sales just by making mild tweaks to their marketing strategies.

Meet Everything 5 Pounds (E5P)

As the name implies, E5P is an online retailer that sells clothing and clothing accessories for ÂŁ5 or less.

This young, vibrant startup caters to fashion enthusiasts looking to buy trendy clothes, shoes, bags and bag accessories, kids’ clothing, etc. at ridiculously affordable prices.

Though based in the United Kingdom, the company ships its products to customers around the world.

How E5P Increased Their Sales By Using Adoric

E5P had three major goals they needed to achieve:

  • Increase sales without having to use coupons
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Improve the website’s user experience

To accomplish these goals, three separate campaigns were set up, each with its own unique strategy. They are as follows:

Campaign #1

Goal: Reduce bounce rate


One surefire strategy to reduce bounce rate on any website is by keeping users engaged for as long as possible. Armed with this knowledge, E5P created a popup that targeted first-time visitors to their website. This they did after some series of A/B testing.

Adoric Everything 5 Pound Case Study

The popup was programmed to fire up after a certain time delay. That is to say, it appeared automatically on the user’s screen after a certain period of time – say 30 seconds.

This simple tweak resulted in conversion rate going up by 12%.

Campaign #2

Goal: Increase revenue with flash sale


When you act on people’s fear of missing out on something, more often than not, they end up making purchases from you, even if they never intended to.

E5P leveraged this phenomenon (Fear of Missing Out) by setting up a flash sale on their site. Flash sale, basically, is a sales offer that lasts for a very short period of time.

Adoric Everything 5 Pound Case Study

Four different popups were tested before the one above was chosen. It was placed on the product page, with the goal of using it to attract visitors to the flash sale. It sets off once a user scrolls down 50% of the height of the page.

Campaign #3

Goal: Improve user experience


E5P has a powerful filtering feature on its website, which most users didn’t know about. This ignorance was hurting its sales.

They needed a way to get the attention of users to this filter. This time, too, they used a popup.

Adoric Everything 5 Pound Case Study

This popup targeted visitors coming to the categories page on the website.


The testing and tweaking really paid off because, in the end, E5P saw their sales increase by 14%. As if that wasn’t enough, the number of new users on their site grew by 12%, 17%, and 13% on the desktop, tablet, and mobile, respectively.