25 Popup Templates to Boost Christmas Sales

Christmas popup templates

Are you looking for a high-converting popup template to capture emails, convert more visitors into customers, and drive sales this coming Christmas? You are in luck!

We’ve compiled 25 of such templates and will like to share them with you in this post.

Contained in this list are not only popups but also slide-in and floating bar templates.

Let’s get things rolling, shall we?

1. Snowy, Green-background Christmas Popup

Christmas Sales Popup template

Launch your Christmas sales promotion this year with a bang by using this animated popup template.

It features a 50% discount offer text.

Who can resist such an offer? Use this popup to get visitors shopping in their large numbers on your website.

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2. Winter Sales Popup Template

Winter sales popup template

Do you have an upcoming winter sales you would like the whole wide world to know about? You’ve got a popup template that can do the job.

Use it to get visitors coming to shop in their large numbers on your website.

Ready to rock it?

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3. Purple-themed Popup with Neon Vibes

Neon-light Popup Template

Spice up your Christmas marketing campaign with some exciting neon vibes by using this popup.

You could even add a GIF to it to make things much more interesting if you so wish. With our drag and drop editor, doing so is easy peasy. Plus, it gives you the creative freedom to customize this template as you envisioned it.

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4. Spin to Win Lucky Wheel Popup Template

Spin to win popup template

Thinking of enticing potential customers with discounts so as to get them shopping in your store? That’s good but boring.

Rather than throwing discounts at your customers, make them play the game of lucky wheel to win a discount.

That’s more interesting; and engaging. It’s the best way to convert visitors into customers.

We’ve already embedded a spin-to-win lucky wheel in this popup. Go ahead and use it.

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5. Christmas Decor Popup

Special offers promotion template

Santa is coming to town…and he has with him loads of fantastic special offers.

That’s exactly what your potential customers will think when they see this popup.

What a way to turn them on!

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6. Christmas Deals Promotion Popup

Christmas sales popup

Looking for an eye-catching popup to make heads turn this Yuletide? You just found one.

Use it to draw your visitors’ attention to your Christmas deals, and at the same time get them to make a purchase.

That’s double wins for you.

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7. Holiday Deals Promotion Popup Template

Holiday deals popup template

Did you see “Happy Holiday” when you read the heading text in this popup? Read again; it’s Happy Holideals we wrote, actually.

That’s our small play on words to make this popup interesting to view.

Now, go ahead and use it to give shoppers a sneak peek into your Christmas deals.

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8. Christmas Giveaway Promotion Popup Template

Christmas giveaway popup template

Christmas is never complete without surprise gifts. That’s why we have boxing days.

Use this popup to delight your customers with some nice giveaways this Christmas. They will appreciate you for it, and happily give you their emails.

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9. Animated Sky Blue Popup

Animated Christmas popup

Dazzle your customers and give them a warm feeling of Christmas with this glistening, Sky blue popup template.

You can use it exactly as it is, or customize it as your heart desires using our drag and drop editing tool, which is super easy to use.

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10. Product Recommendation Christmas Popup

Christmas Product recommendation popup

Rather than showing your visitors generic, irrelevant products, why not recommend them personalized products based on their browsing preferences?

Personalizing your visitors’ shopping experience can incredibly boost your sales and revenue.

And for this reason, we’ve created this product recommendation popup. Use it unreservedly to make bountiful sales this Christmas.

11. Lucky Wheel Game Christmas-themed Popup

Discount wheel popup template

Another spin-to-win popup template you just can’t go wrong with if you are looking to use discounts to make huge sales this Christmas.

In case you are wondering what the deal with spin-to-win templates is, we’ve got all the possible questions you might have answered on this page.

Of course, you can change the background image and colors, edit text, and use your preferred font style on this template. Thanks to our intuitive design editor.

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12. New Year Sales Promotion Popup

New Year Sales promotion template

So, we decided to get a little ahead of ourselves by creating a New Year sales promo popup for you.

When you think of it, why wait till after Christmas before you start gearing up for New Year sales?

Start now by getting this popup via the link below

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13. Christmas Sales Popup Template

Christmas Sales Popup Template

Use this animated popup to tease potential customers to shop on your website this merry season. Spice it up by adding a discount text, uploading your own image, or changing the button color to whatever you please.

Of course, you don’t need to know anything about coding to do any of those.

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14. Special Sales Promotion Popup for Christmas

Special Sales Promotion Popup for Christmas

If you don’t plan to actively promote discounted deals this Christmas, you would be leaving a lot of money on the table.

This makes the popup above your go-to marketing solution because it offers visitors an incredible 60% discount.

But if the discount is too much and will eat into your profit margin, you can adjust it to whatever you deem fit: 50%, 30%, 15%, etc. Our design editor can help you with this task.

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15. Green-themed Spin to Win Popup Template

Green spin to win template

We’ve got another spin to win popup people! You will definitely love it.

You know why?

Our customers are seeing their sales rise significantly by deploying the lucky wheel coupon game to their websites.

And we want you to experience the same, too, this Christmas. So, go ahead and use this popup template.

16. Stylish Slide-in Template for Promoting Christmas Sales

Slide-in template for christmas

If pop-ups aren’t cutting it for you, slide-ins might be a better option.

One cool thing about slide-ins is that you can effectively use them to promote your Christmas offers, but without interrupting your visitors’ browsing experience.

So, why not give this slide-in template a shot and see how it will help improve your sales and revenue.

17. Free Shipping Promotion Slide-in

Free Shipping Promotion Slide-in

Give your visitors a reminder that it’s Christmas with this slider template. Let them know Santa has got some surprises for them in your store, including free shipping.

This template is highly editable, and you don’t need any design experience to customize as you want, thanks to Adoric’s powerful, but easy to use editor.

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18. New Year Sales Promotion Slider Template

New Year Sales Slide-in template

As you are getting ready for the upcoming Christmas sales promotion, do due diligence to do the same for the New Year. See to it that this new-year-focused slider template is in your marketing arsenal.

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19. Spin to Win Slide-in Template

Spin to Win Slide-in Template

If you are looking to leverage the lucky wheel game in driving sales and revenue this Christmas, you don’t have to limit your options to popups.

With slide-in templates like the one you see above, you can give your visitors a taste of the lucky wheel game.

The coolest part is, Adoric’s trigger feature lets you determine when this slide-in shows on your visitors’ screen: immediately they arrive on your site, after scrolling down a certain distance, etc.

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20. Minimalistic Slide-in Template

Minimalistic Slide-in template

Call your visitors’ attention to your sales offer this Christmas, but without being pushy by using this slide-in.

Got some other creative design ideas? No worries. Our design editor has got loads of tools you can use to customize this template as your creative instincts direct.

21. Christmas Sales Promotion Floating Bar

Floating Bar Template

Ever heard of floating bars? They are the sticky, horizontal ribbon that stays fixed at the top of a webpage no matter how far down a user scrolls.

What sets a floating bar apart from slide-ins and popups?

They enjoy better visibility, and at the same time do not ruin your visitors’ browsing experience.

So, by all means, put them to good use this Christmas to drive sales. And you can start with the one above.

22. Winter Sales Promotion Floating Bar

Winter sales floating bar

Even though floating bars typically appear at the top of a website, you can make this one appear at the bottom of yours, if that’s how you want it. Thanks to the positioning tool that comes with our design editor.

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23. Lucky Wheel Floating Bar Template

floating bar template spin to win

If you thought our lucky wheel discount game is limited to popups and slide-ins alone, you thought wrong.

With our floating bar, you can give your visitors the same lucky wheel gaming experience as you would with popups and slide-ins.

And this template is a testament to that.

24. Special Offer Promotion Floating Bar Template

Christmas sales floating bar template

Got some special offers you would like your customers to check out this Christmas? Use this floating bar template to let them know they’ve got a limited time to act.

You can create steeper sense of urgency by embedding a countdown timer to this template.

25. Neon-style Floating Bar Template

Neon-style Floating Bar Template

We wrap things up with this all purple, white-on-black floating bar template.

Use it to excite prospective customers and make them want to shop in your store.

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