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What is a Good Conversion Rate and How to Improve It

Conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of users that complete a specific action. Check here for tips on how to calculate and increase the rate.

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate: 12 Tips That Work

If you’re trying to market your site and make more sales then it’s important that you know what website bounce rate is all about.

Your Ultimate Newsletter Popup Guide: How to Create Kickass Email Popups

Building an email list is essential to success in business. It can be used to market new products, keep clients loyal, and inform prospects about the latest offers and products. An empty email list, however, will not be able to do all these, which is why businesses spend thousands on growing their email lists.

How to Use Countdown Timers to boost Conversions with Examples

Nowadays, businesses use a variety of tactics to attract and entice customers to buy their products and services. 
One such tactic is the use of ‘countdown timer’. In this article, we’ll talk about what a countdown timer does, and how you can use it to carve a niche for yourself.

USP Ideas – How to Make Your Business Stand Out

In simple words, a USP is what sets you apart or helps clients and potential clients differentiate between you and other businesses in the same niche.

A/B Testing: How it Works and Why You Need It

You can’t create a campaign based on hunch or feelings. You need numbers, but they may not always be clear. This is why businesses need A/B testing, a unique method that helps businesses choose the right route.

10 Tips for Writing an Email Marketing Copy that Converts

The possibilities of tweaking your content to execute a strong email strategy are near-limitless. Your strategy encompasses your entire marketing approach, from the segmentation of your audience and personalization of messages down to the minutest details of the tone of your copy and appropriate text formatting.

How to create the perfect call to action
How to Create the Perfect Call to Action to Increase Conversions

The Call to Action, more commonly known as the CTA, is a marketing term designed to encourage a specific response.

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