How to Create a Video Landing Page to Boost Conversions

You have been searching for a product for some time now. You visited many promising websites.


You reach that one website at last. You immediately fall in love with it and engage with the landing page content.

Then it gets more enjoyable. The business has video content on its landing page to make your search process easy. You end up engaging and loving the products so much that you make a purchase.

What got you to engage with the business and make purchases?

Let me guess. Their video content.

Beautiful. Isn’t? Well, maybe you want your customers to have the same experience with your brand.

Well, this article is for you. You will learn how to create such great videos for your landing page to draw in more target customers, earn their trust and get them to buy from you. Ready?

What is a Video Landing Page

It is a page on the website with embedded video content. It’s a static webpage to help educate, capture, and engage target customers to the business and drive them to take action that can lead to conversions for the company.

Why You Need a Video Landing Page

It’s essential to have captivating video content on your website landing page. There are many reasons why videos on the landing page are crucial. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Create More Trust With Target Customers

Target customers visiting your website are usually for solutions to solve their pains. Having great video content helps increase user engagement, build trust with prospective customers and get them to trust your business.

This is supported by Wyzowl research showing video has a 62% higher engagement rate.

video landing page

Source: Wyzowl

Let Target Customers See How Your Product Works

Showing target customers the way your product or service works can help them see the value you will offer them to solve their pains.

The best way to help your target customers know how to use your product is by showing them how to use it via videos.

Video landing pages can be great as they show target customers how to run and use the product to solve their challenges.

For instance, demo videos give website visitors and target audiences a glimpse of how your business products or services operate.


Since people love and engage with video content, they will be more likely to see how the business works and the value they can get from using your product

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

Adding optimized video content on your landing pages business can help drive more traffic to your website & landing pages and boost engagement.

Capture Reader Attention and Increase Dwell Time

You don’t want to lose your visitors when they arrive at your site. Excellent video content for your landing page can help capture your target readers when they arrive on your website. You can make them stay on your website for a longer time.

If the videos are more enjoyable and give target customers the value they want, they can stay on the website for a long time.

How to Create a Video Landing Page

As part of your business marketing, great videos and video advertisements can effectively drive more engagement and conversions.

To get the best out of your video content, you should ensure you create great content and provide the right value that target customers are looking for.

Don’t know how to do that? Don’t worry. Here are some great strategies you can use to create such excellent video landing page content.

1. Use The Best Landing Page Builder

There are different landing page builders to use for your website. The landing page builder of your choice should have the right mix of features.

The tools should be easy to use and integrate with other software. They allow you to create landing pages that convert excellently well.

Sometimes things can become complicated as you use the landing page tool. Therefore, your software should have an outstanding customer support plan to help you immediately resolve any challenges you can face as you create and run your video content for your landing pages.

The tool should be affordable for your business. However, you don’t want to spend more on software and not get the results from your marketing efforts.

2. Optimize The Page for Mobile

Your entire website and landing pages should be optimized for mobile. Many target customers search for solutions to their pains on their mobile devices. Research shows that there are over 6.4 billion smartphone users.

video landing page for Shopify

Source: Oberlo

You can have great landing pages and video content, but if your target customers cannot access them on their mobile devices, you’d lose the chance to connect and engage with them.

So, try to make your pages as mobile-responsive as possible. It will make it easy for the target audience to engage and quickly access all the information they need.

3. Short and Compelling Copy

You will not have a whole landing page with video content alone. Your copy on the landing page speaks too for your brand marketing. In addition to having a great video, your landing copy should be captivating and engaging to your target customer.

Keep your copies short, concise, and straight-to-the point.

4. Optimize Video for Search and Faster Loading

Here are a couple of things you can do to make your video landing pages load faster and make the findable on Google.

  • Keep the video size small.
  • As you create your videos, ensure you use meta descriptions and also use XML sitemaps to help search engines find and index your videos.
  • When writing meta descriptions and tags, use the best keywords target customers focus on when searching for solutions to their pains.

Use CDN (content delivery network) to help load your videos quickly. Another way to increase the video loading speeds is by compressing the video.

5. Choose The Types of Videos to Use

You can use different video types on your landing page as you market and engage target customers to your business website. You can get started by using free video editing software to create the following types of videos.

Testimonial Videos

Trust is essential for any brand. Target customers want to hear more from other people with similar problems and get help from your business.

It strengthens their trust that you, too, can solve their pains. That’s why having video content from your current or past customers is essential. It helps new customers build confidence and trust in your business when they see others have also used your product and were satisfied.

You need to add video testimonials of your past or current customers to convince potential customers. Here is an example of testimonials from past customers of OneIMS company.

Shopify landing page

Explainer Videos

This type of video will help target customers and website visitors learn more about your business products or services and what they offer.

As the same suggests, the videos explain more about a product or service and the value it can offer to target customers.

Research shows that 74% of brands create explainer video content. You, too, can have it on your landing page to engage more visitors and educate them about your business products or services.

Demo Videos

These videos will show target customers a demonstration of your product or services in operation. They can see how your offers work and how they can help them solve their problems.

Promo Videos

These video types will be about business promotions or discounts that they can offer their target customers when they purchase from the business.

6. Use Engaging Video Thumbnail

This is another vital thing to consider when creating a video for your landing page. You want to generate curiosity and drive website visitors to click your videos and engage with them, right?

Well, you better make sure your video thumbnail is attractive and engaging. It will drive the curiosity to watch the videos and engage with the landing page content.

Even if you have a fantastic video, but your thumbnail isn’t attractive, you will not get many target customers to click on the videos and engage with them.

You can end up missing an excellent opportunity to drive more engagement that can lead to nurturing and conversion for your business.

7. Don’t Include an Autoplay Option For Your Video Landing Page.

Some target customers hate when they arrive at a website and videos start playing as they browse it. Remove the autoplay from the video to prevent disappointing target customers and make them get second thoughts. You can lose an excellent opportunity to nurture and convert them into customers.

Let visitors have the option to play the videos when they want. For example, they can engage with the copy on the landing page, and when they find it interesting, they can watch the videos to get more insights into the business.

If you’re landing page copy is incredible and engaging, they will be more likely to watch the video content and know more about your brand products or services.

8. Have a Great CTA

Your main goal is to get target customers to engage with your website and take action that can lead to sales for your business.

You don’t want them to land on your website, find engaging videos and content, then leave without taking action that can lead to more sales and engagement.

You need to take an action, and the best way to do so is by telling them using a call-to-action (CTA) button.

As you create the videos, you need to include a captivating CTA. It will raise the curiosity of the target customers and make them take action.

9. Run A/B Tests for The Video Landing Page

When starting a video landing page, tests are essential to see what works best for the videos and your whole business website. Here are some tests you can run for the videos.

  • Length of your video: If your video is too long, visitors could get bored and leave. If it is too short, you might never succeed at getting your message across. So test the length of your video to see which works best.
  • Video Placement: You can also test the place where you will place the video—the best place to add the videos, i.e, above the fold or down the page. Remember, your target customers need to see videos and engage them quickly.
  • Also, test different CTA for the video landing page. You want to know the CTA that significantly impacts your videos in driving target customers to take action that can lead to conversions.

Want to Boost Conversions With a Video Landing Page?

Landing pages are a great marketing tool for converting visitors into customers and leads. However, optimizing your landing page for conversion will require engaging your visitors.

One best way to engage target customers is with video content. Having great video content on your business landing page will quickly drive target customers to make an action that can lead to nurturing and conversions.

Use the above tips to create a great video landing page to help increase brand awareness, engage more leads, and nurture them as you convert them into customers for your business.

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