10 Best QR Code Generator Apps for Shopify

Successful online businesses have many strategies to keep loyal customers, engage new customers and boost store traffic. QR Code integration is one of the ways they achieve this.

When used properly, QR codes can help improve your business workflow. For example, by scanning your codes with their smartphones, your customers can payments, track their orders, complete their checkout, etc.

To generate code, you need to install a QR code generator app in your Shopify store. These apps enable you to create amazing QR codes and send them to whoever you want.

But finding the right QR code generator app can be a lot of work. So we have done the heavy lifting by researching the best apps on the Shopify app market. Here are the 10 apps we found:

10 Best QR Code Generator Apps for Shopify

1. QR Code Generator Hub

QR code generator app

QR code generator hub is first in our list of Shopify QR code apps. This amazing app is a product of Brainpage Ltd.

This app allows you to create beautiful QR codes for your Shopify store. To create codes, you can choose the one that best fits your brand from hundreds of QR templates available.  There is an admin dashboard where you can manage the app with ease.

After you create these QR codes, you can link them anywhere in your store; can be a product page, blog post, a collection or your social media pages. Also, you can add a discount code to the QR code so that site visitors get a discount whenever they scan the QR codes.

Another good thing about this app is that the QR codes are dynamic, which means that you can change what they do even after you print them.

This app has both free and paid versions, although there is only much you can do on the free plan.


  • Free plan – Unlimited QR codes and scans, 10 API-generated QR codes per month, and scan report and analysis
  • Professional plan($6.95/month) – Bulk create and downloads, 1000 API-generated codes per month, order attribution and tracking.
  • Enterprise plan($19.95/month) – All features of the professional plan, unlimited API-generated codes and business consultant.

2. Shopcodes

Best QR CIde generator apps for Shopify

Are you looking for easier ways to get customers who use smartphones to buy from your store? Shopcodes is the right app to use!

This app allows you to create stunning scannable QR codes that customers on mobile phones can scan to buy products.

Also, you can use Shopcodes to bridge the gap between offline and mobile shopping. You can incorporate QR codes into your product packaging so that visitors who scan the codes can know more about your brand and products and get a first-timer discount to encourage them to shop from your store.

Another thing is that you can use Shopcodes to promote your brand offline through your posters, flyers, packaging inserts and other offline marketing materials.

You can customize and edit your Shopcodes through the app dashboard. Also, you can track the number of people that scan your codes using the app’s analytic tool.

Pricing: Free

3. Super QR Codes

Super QR codes

Super QR code is another great app for generating QR codes to bring visitors, especially mobile users, to your website, particularly mobile users.

With this app, you can create unlimited QR codes for your products and send them to your customers via email. The best part, it is very easy to create and simple for customers to use. Besides, the size is small and easy to share.

Moreover, you can generate QR codes for your website’s URLs, making it possible for customers to locate and come to your website by just scanning your code.


  • Free plan – WIFI QR codes, SMS QR codes, WhatsApp QR Codes, Website widget with QR codes, and unlimited scans.
  • Paid plan($5/month) – Static & Dynamic destinations URL, Unlimited downloadable QR  codes, Discount codes auto-apply.

4. QR Code – Magical QRs

Best QR generator codes apps

Fourth on our list of best Shopify QR codes generator apps is QR code – Magical QR, an app developed by RetainIQ Global Inc.

This free QR code generator app allows you to convert your offline visitors into customers.

What can you do with this app? Well, a lot! With this app you can generate unlimited QR codes that are dynamic and customizable. This app comes with an analytic feature that allows you to track your QR codes.

Most importantly, you can use this app to increase sales. To achieve this, you can generate codes and send them to your offline users to promote your online stores and products. Alternatively, you can generate codes to allow bulk buying and discounts. This ensures that anyone who scans the code can buy your products at a discount.

However, this app is not only meant for driving sales and conversion; you can also use it to create tracking codes for shipping for your customers. You can also use it to send requests for reviews from your past customers.

On the flip side, though, certain features are GPS tracking, logos, colours and shape are missing from this app.

Pricing: Free

5. Smart QR Codes

Best QR Code generator for Shopify

Smart QR Codes by Burst is an all-in-one code management tool. It is a trusted QR code generator app that helps to boost sales, gain social media followers, and increase reviews.

This app seeks to build an immersive shopping experience that turns every surface into a point of purchase; TV commercials, instruction manuals and product packages.

Going on, you can create custom pages with QR Codes that direct customers to your social media platforms; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and TikTok etc., thus increasing your number of followers.

One disadvantage of this app is the free plan is that you are limited to 1 QR code and can only import 1 product. So to generate more QR codes, you need to upgrade to the paid version.


  • Free plan – 1 QR Code and 1 product import
  • Pro plan($29.99/month) – Import unlimited products and create unlimited QR codes.

6. My QR Code

Best Shopify QR Code generator apps

My QR Codes by Bumblebee Soft is another app that makes creating QR codes easy and convenient.

This app focuses on customer relationships and retention. You can create a QR code that allows your customers to directly make a call to you when they scan your code. Not just that, they can also send emails and messages to your address and phone number using the generated codes.

Moreover, you can create static and dynamic codes that can be linked anywhere you want them to be. Besides, you can also send QR codes to your customers so that when they scan, it will show them your catalog and collections of products.

Also, there are options to customize and design your unique codes to suit your taste and fit into the brand theme.

Pricing:  A free 15-day trial period

  • Standard plan($0.99/month) – Unlimited QR codes and customize templates.

7. Wave Voucher(w/QR Codes)

Wave vouchers

Wave Voucher is ideal for retailers that sell vouchers and want to boost their sales and revenue.

How can it help you as a retailer? It allows you to create vouchers and digital passes with QR codes that you can sell in your Shopify stores. In addition, it allows you to process local orders using QR codes. However, you can also create and send QR codes to your customer for Shopify local pickup orders.

Subsequently, you can set expiration dates on vouchers, send QR code vouchers to customers upon order fulfillment and add brand logos and product images to your vouchers.

You can view voucher statistics and how many QR codes are redeemed through the app dashboard. The QR codes are mobile-friendly, making it easy for mobile users to redeem your vouchers.

Pricing:  A free 30-day trial period

  • Standard plan($25/month) – Sell digital vouchers, passes, tickets and coupons. Issue QR codes for local pickup orders, scan with Shopify mobile and one location only.
  • Custom plan($299/month) – Multiple redemption locations, scan using external scan accounts plus standard plan features.

8. QR Code Generator Releasit

QR code generator apps for Shopify

If you are looking to generate unlimited free codes and style them however you want, the Releasit QR code app is the app to use.

This app makes it easy to change the destination of your QR codes even long after you have printed them. Plus, you can always link them to any product or page on your website.

In addition, you can add trackable QR codes to your invoices, marketing emails, and packing slips at the snap of the finger.

What we really like about this app is how easy it makes it for customers to contact you after purchase simply by scanning the QR code on their invoice.

Pricing:  Free

9. Dynamic Order QR Codes + Links

Dynamic order codes

Dynamic Orders is one of the few apps on Shopify that make it easy for you to personalize your customer’s shopping experience using QR codes.

Using this app also allows you to offer discounts to your customers each time they reorder a product.

On top of that, it comes with an analytics dashboard from which you can track the performance of your QR links

Other cool stuff you can do with this app includes tracking sales attributions, adding customers’ last orders to the checkout cart, fulfilling orders using QR scans, and many more.

Pricing:  A free 14-day trial period

  • Basic plan(Free) – Unlimited clicks and conversion, unlimited products, 1000QRcodes per month, 30-day dynamic link expiry, 30-day order history
  • Pro plan($24/month) – Unlimited orders per month, no dynamic link expiry, custom links and actions, priority support.

10. QR Code Ninja – Beautiful QR

QR Code Ninja

Tenth on our list of QR code generator apps for Shopify is QR code ninjas developed by qrcodemaster.

This app enables you to increase online conversion and customer loyalty. It allows you to create QR codes that give loyal customers discounts on their future purchases.

You can design your QR codes to fit the store style and can also create dynamic QR codes that can be changed anytime even after they have been printed.

With this app, you can add discounts to QR codes and another beauty of this app is that there is no limitation to the number of times this QR code can be scanned.

Furthermore, you can introduce your product to new customers and increase sales when you add QR codes to your shipping box and product packages. Anyone can scan this QR code to know more about your product and brand.

Pricing:  Free


QR code is a must-have as a Shopify store owner to boost sales and increase conversion both offline and online.

Use any of our above-listed Shopify QR code generator apps to create beautiful and unique QR codes for your products, social media platforms, discounts, and for your offline campaign materials.

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