18 Best Shopify Email Marketing Apps

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Email Marketing Apps to Grow Your Sales

Are you looking for the right email marketing app for your Shopify store to win more subscribers and grow your sales? Read on because this post is for you.

Email marketing, when done right, can generate a lot of revenue for your online retail business. Studies have shown that for every $1 you invest into email marketing, you stand to gain back $36. That’s astonishing!

Only a few marketing channels come close to giving that much ROI.

Aside from high ROI, investing in email marketing has numerous benefits too. More details on this shortly.

With that said, you need to use the right set of tools to see meaningful results from email marketing. And one of such tools is an email marketing app.

In this post, we will be exploring some of the best email marketing apps for Shopify available on the market. These apps are pocket-friendly and are guaranteed to deliver.

But before getting to that, we will take a moment to discuss why investing in email marketing makes a lot of sense. We will also review some of the vital features to look out for before choosing an email marketing app.

Let’s get into it already!

Why Is Email Marketing So Important?

No matter how optimized and conversion-focused your website may be, converting your website visitors – particularly those visiting for the first time – into customers is tough work. The reason is that most people coming to your website are not ready to buy anything at that point; this includes old-time visitors, too.

As a smart Shopify merchant, the best thing to do is capture these visitors’ email addresses and follow them up in their inboxes.

This is where email marketing comes into play.

Email marketing gives you the chance to sell to visitors that you would have otherwise lost forever. And it can be really effective.

As proof, 64% of small businesses use email marketing to retain their customers and increase their lifetime value.

Also, email marketing can help drive up your store’s AOV (Average Order Value). This is the average amount a customer spends on the orders made from your store over a particular period.

Bottom line: email marketing can help you acquire new customers and, at the same time, help you get the most sales from your existing customers.

Features a Good Email Marketing App Should Have

There are a ton of email marketing apps on the Shopify app store. But how do you determine which suits your business the best?

While the answer to that question will largely depend on what you sell and your budget, there are certain features whatever app you go for should have. They are as follows:

  • Audience segmentation
  • A/B testing
  • Easy integration with CRMs
  • Opt-in popup forms
  • Easy-to-use design editor
  • Customizable popup templates
  • Exit-intent to win back abandoning visitors

Of course, there are many more features, but those are the basics.

20 Best Email Marketing Shopify Apps

Here are the best 20 vetted Shopify email marketing apps you can’t go wrong with.

1. Adoric 

email marketing app

Top on our list of best email marketing apps for Shopify is Adoric. Before you think we are biased, you should know that Adoric comes with many features designed to help Shopify merchants grow their stores.

One is our easy-to-use popup builder. It’s a design editor that allows you to create opt-in popups to generate subscribers for your mailing list. You can also use it to create popup campaigns to promote your special sales offers and deals to your customers.

You can build these popups from scratch or pick a design from our library of over 1000 templates and edit it to your heart’s content.

Adoric also comes with an exit-intent feature that allows you to win back visitors attempting to exit your site. This feature helps to reduce cart abandonment in your store.

Other additional features include:

  • A/B testing
  • Audience targeting that ensures you show the right campaign to the right people
  • Spin-to-win coupon pop ups to entice new visitors to buy from your store
  • Plug and play integration with MailChimp, Salesforce, HubSpot, and other CRMs

Adoric Pricing

You can start on Adoric for free. However, you are only limited to 5,000 page views per month on the free plan. And you can only add one domain.

To get more out of Adoric, you will have to upgrade to the Essentials, Standard, and Pro plans. They cost $29, $79, and $199 per month.

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2. Omnisend Email Marketing

True to its name, Omnisend is a multi-channel marketing app that lets you send personalized marketing messaging to your customers via different channels: SMS, Email, and Newsletters.

Like most email marketing apps we have reviewed so far, Omnisend has a cart abandonment feature that allows you to win back customers who left your store without completing their checkout.

What’s more, it comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder that allows you to create nice-looking emails in a matter of minutes. It also comes with a lot of email templates you can readily edit and use for your marketing campaigns.

Omnisend Pricing

You can use Omnisend for free if your number of contacts is less than 250. If more, you would have to upgrade to the Standard or Pro plans, and they cost $16 and $59 per month respectively.

3. Seguno Email Marketing

Seguno email marketing

Seguno comes packed with lots of automated email campaign templates you can use on the fly. With these templates, you can create a coming soon, discount reminder, welcome, repeat purchase, etc. email campaigns with a few clicks of the button.

It also comes with a smart reporting tool from where you can see how your email newsletters and campaigns are performing.

Additionally, Canva has been built into Seguno to make designing your email campaigns a seamless experience.

Other additional features of Seguno are as follows:

  • Easy integration with Facebook
  • A countdown feature to boost your conversion
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • A huge collection of email templates

Seguno Pricing

Seguno is free to use, provided you have 250 subscribers or less. If you have more, you will have to opt for the paid plan, which starts at $10/month.

4. Shopify Email

Shopify email

As you might have guessed, Shopify Email is a native email marketing app created and maintained by Shopify.

Interestingly, this email marketing Shopify app allows you to send branded email messages right from your Shopify admin dashboard. And you can easily customize the emails by adding CTA buttons or images however you wish.

On top of that, Shopify email makes it easy for you to schedule your email campaigns. You can even segment your campaigns to ensure they get to the right audience.

Plus, it comes with a performance analytics tool that makes it easy for you to track your click-through and conversion rates.

The best part is that this app is entirely free, provided you don’t send more than 2,500 emails a month. If you do, you will have to pay $1 extra for every 1,000 extra emails you send.

5. Privy

Privy email marketing

If you’ve been in the Shopify ecosystem for a while, you will most likely have come across Privy. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular email marketing apps on the Shopify app market, boasting about 25,000 reviews.

Expectedly, you can do a whole lot with Privy.

To begin with, Privy allows you to notify your customers via SMS or email when you add a new item to your store.

In addition to that, with Privy, you can create exit-intent, cart abandonment, and cart value email campaigns without stressing about it.

On top of that, this email marketing app allows you to A/B test your campaigns, send autoresponders and reminder emails, and create mobile-friendly popups.

Privy Pricing

You can use Privy for free if you have 100 email contacts or less. To send emails to more contacts, you will have to upgrade to the Starter, Growth, and Conversion only plan. They cost $15, $45, and $70 per month respectively.

6. AVA Email Marketing

AVA email marketing

Boasting over 100 ready-to-use email templates, AVA is definitely one of the best alternatives to Privy.

It’s so easy to use that you don’t need any coding or graphic design skill to knock out stunning emails.

Like Privy, AVA also features an exit-intent popup, abandoned cart recovery automated emails, and a robust A/B testing feature. It also comes with popups of many types, such as in-line, multi-step, and flyout popups.

AVA Pricing

AVA is free. This makes it ideal for Shopify merchants looking to test the waters. However, once your number of email contacts exceeds 500, you will start paying a monthly fee of $9/month, which increases arithmetically with your number of contacts.

7. Pop ups SMS & Email Marketing

Pop up SMS

Abandoned cart recovery, product recommendations, and SMS marketing just got a whole lot easier, thanks to Pop ups SMS.

What’s cool about this app is that it comes with a discount and gift card manager from where you can give out discount codes to your customers effortlessly.

It also comes with lots of gamified spin-to-win popup templates that you can easily customize and deploy to your website. Plus, it has a library of over 1000 popup templates.

Pop ups SMS Pricing

This app is free.

8. Klaviyo

email marketing

Like Adoric, Klaviyo also comes with a lot of pre-designed popup templates you can tweak and use on your Shopify website.

What’s more, it allows you to add sign-up forms to your website to convert your visitors into subscribers. You can also leverage its audience targeting feature to send personalized messaging to a particular subset of your audience.

Another awesome feature Klaviyo has is its SMS feature which allows you to establish a communication channel with your customers via SMS.

Klaviyo Pricing

Lucky for you, Klaviyo has a free plan. On this plan, you can only send emails to 250 contacts and SMS to 50. If those limitations won’t fit your business needs, you will have to upgrade to any of Klaviyo’s premium plans: Email and SMS.

They cost $20 and $5 per month respectively.

9. Free Email Marketing

free email marketing

This email marketing app is not called free for nothing: it is completely free forever, and you can send as many as 25,000 emails per month with it.

With this app, you can create product cards and customize them by adding colors, product images, product prices, and descriptions.

On top of that, Free Email Marketing allows you to create dynamic emails. These are emails that their content changes based on when they were opened. You could even personalize them however you want.

Also, it allows you to add interactive elements to your emails, such as countdown timers, layered banners, and image carousels.

Free Email Marketing Pricing

This app is completely free to use. But if you plan to send more than 25,000 emails a month, you would have to upgrade to the growth plan, which costs $50/month.

10. Sendinblue Email Marketing

Sendinblue email marketing

Sendinblue is another totally free email marketing app for Shopify that you can count on.

As you would expect, it has an in-built design editor that you can use to create captivating email campaigns without breaking a sweat. You can choose to build your designs from scratch or use one of Sendinblue’s dozens of templates to bootstrap the design process.

Sendinblue also comes with an analytics dashboard to track your email metrics: open rate, click-through rate, etc.

If you prefer to reach your customers by SMS instead, Sendinblue got you covered.

11. BayEngage

Bayengage email marketing

Cart abandonment can be nightmarish and frustrating. But with BayEngage, you can recover as much as 64% of abandoned carts by creating and automatically sending cart recovery emails just when the time is right.

What’s more, with BayEngage, you can segment your target audience and send them personalized emails based on their buying preferences and demographics.

BayEngage comes with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder, plus 250 customizable email templates.

BayEngage Pricing

Merchants with less than 250 email contacts can use BayEngage for free. Anything more will attract a monthly fee of $10.

12. Dotdigital Email Marketing


Dotdigital email marketing makes omnichannel email automation a breeze.

It features an AI-powered product recommendation, abandoned cart recovery, a drag-and-drop editor, and a Shopify flow connector that allows you to turn simple events into marketing opportunities.

This app allows you to add a chat feature to your website easily.

Dotdigital supports multiple languages, including Japanese, Spanish, German, and many more.

Dotdigital Pricing

This email marketing app is free to install. However, you would have to pay $400 per month to use it.

13. Newsletter + Pop ups

Newsletter and popups

Newsletter + Pop ups app makes creating pop ups on Shopify a walk in the park. It comes with a targeting and audience segmentation feature that ensures you send the right email to the right people and at the right time.

Additionally, with this app, you can easily set up autoresponders to show coupon popups to your visitors and email them coupon codes.

It also allows you to create exit-intent popups to win back visitors attempting to exit your website. You could even automatically apply coupons at checkouts with it.

Newsletter + Pop ups Pricing

You can use this app for free for up to 5,000 pop up impressions. Anything more will attract a fee of $10/month.

14. Consistent Cart

Consistent cart

With Consistent Cart, you can grow your number of subscribers, generate more revenue for your store, and, ultimately, reduce and recover cart abandonment.

Consistent Cart makes it easy to send out SMS and email notifications to your customers, set up abandoned cart recovery campaigns, create thank you and happy birthday emails, and create opt-in pop-ups.

Best of all, it gives you a free hand to customize your emails however you want.

Consistent Cart Pricing

Consistent Cart is free to use. However, on the free plan, you can only send a limited number of emails. But on the Standard plan ($29/month), you can send as many emails as you please.

15. Thank You Email Marketing Tool

Thank you email tool

Have you always wanted to find a way to send seamlessly send thank you emails to your customers each time they make a purchase from your store? Thank You Email Marketing is the tool for you.

Additionally, you can send customized thank you messages when you get a new subscriber, a customer receives an order, or when you get a new customer. On top of that, you can automatically send out emails to notify your customers when their orders get successfully delivered.

Thank You Email Marketing is easy to use, comes with scheduling abandoned cart recovery features.

Thank You Email Marketing Tool Pricing

This email marketing tool is free to use. Free usage is only limited to 130 email sends a month. To send more, you would have to pay $7/month.

16. Popups Forms + Email Pop Ups

Email pop ups

Popups Forms makes creating modal popups, stick bars, slide-ins, and fullscreen popups easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

With these popups, you can offer coupon codes, announce flash sales, and grow your email list without any trouble.

What’s more, you can target your audience and send them personalized messages based on certain criteria, such as the content of their cart, their total cart value, and their behavior.

It also comes with an analytics dashboard from where you can track the performance of your marketing campaigns.

Popups Forms + Email Pop-ups Pricing

Unfortunately, this email marketing app has no free plan. You will have to subscribe to its Creator, Pro, and Pro Max plans, and they sell for $9, $19, and $29 per month.

17. Upsell by Email

Upsell by email

You don’t necessarily need new customers to grow your revenue – upselling your existing customers can do the trick, and at a lower cost. This is where Upsell by Email comes into play.

It allows you to automatically send emails containing suggested products customers may like based on their purchase history.

It has a scheduling feature that allows you to send upsell emails to your customers at the moment they most likely will respond.

Best of all, Upsell by Email is completely free!

18. Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery

Shopify email marketing app

Last on our list of best email marketing apps for Shopify is Carti Abandoned Cart Recovery. You can easily tell what it does from its name.

With this app, you can send cart recovery emails, push notifications, SMS bump messages, etc. all on the fly.

What’s more, it allows you to automate your checkout to get more sales and drive more revenue for your store. You could even add a countdown timer to your checkout for better conversion if you want.

Carti Pricing

Carti has both a free and a paid plan that costs $4.99.

19. NotifyVisitors: Email & SMS

NotifyVisitors is a powerful email marketing solution built specifically for Shopify. With NotifyVisitors, merchants have access to an easy-to-use and intuitive email builder that will help them create highly personalized email campaigns and track the email performance with great accuracy.

It even has an AI-driven email personalization engine which enables you to craft messages that can be tailored to the interests of your target customers based on their behavior on the site. 

And best of all, NotifyVisitors integrates seamlessly into any Shopify store for seamless implementation. From email automation to segmentation to data analysis, it’s everything you need in one place for Shopify email marketing success.

Other additional features of NotifyVisitors are as follows:

  • Create and Send automated email campaigns.
  • Track your campaign progress through in-depth analytics
  • Omni-channel marketing to engage and retain your customers
  • Drag and drop email editor to personalize emails.
  • A/B testing to find out the best email variation.

NotifyVisitors Pricing

  • In the free plan, you get 1000 contacts and 1000 emails per month. 
  • Startups Plan starts at $49 per month.
  • For the Enterprise plan, you need to contact them.


So there you have it; 18 best email marketing apps to boost your Shopify business and grow your revenue.

Ready to take Adoric for a spin? Why not install it on your Shopify website and watch your sales grow tremendously.

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