Best Product Review Apps for Shopify

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Best product review apps for Shopify

Picture a Shopify app named Z, and a Shopify user named Jane. A few weeks ago, Jane installed Z after only three minutes of interaction.

How did Z make that happen? Jane read the paragraph below and was convinced:

“Just Installed Z when I was trying different apps for _____ on my website, but after installing Z, I never had to look for another ______  app. The interface of the app is super easy to work with and the customer support is absolutely amazing, they are always there to help. Just love the interface and the customer support.”

With this kind of unsolicited customer feedback, it’s not strange to see why Jane jumped on Z almost instantaneously.

Customer feedback, phrased as product reviews, are a proven way to build trust with (potential) customers. By accessing previous ratings and reviews, they can make their judgments about a product long before attempting a free trial.

In this article, we review the best product review apps for Shopify. We also highlight why you need product reviews as a Shopify seller.

Best Product Review Apps for Shopify

We review the apps below based on: i) their Shopify ratings and reviews; ii) available features; iii) pricing. Beginning with: - best product review apps for Shopify

Trustoo is a leading social proof tool for businesses and brands looking to foster trust with customers. You can redefine customer feedback and reviews through custom solutions available on the Trustoo app.

With a flawless 5.0 rating on Shopify, and over three thousand user commendations, is the best choice for gathering reviews via photos and converting them to widgets on your store.

Through email and SMS notifications, as well as social media channels, Trustoo eases the process of requesting reviews from customers. You also get to place timely requests – such that at the end of a purchase – when customers are inclined to leave a comment.

Shopify sellers who use stand apart from their competitors. Why? Trustoo allows you customize the display of each review, highlighting important details such as ratings, product names, and specific feedback. You can also customize the design to match your store’s visuals.

Trustoo is the go-to review tool for anyone looking to convert happy customers into brand advocates.

Features include:

  • Display reviews in beautiful widgets, visual editing page for quick use.
  • Auto-translate reviews in multi-languages, including English, Spanish and French, and unlimited translation
  • 24/7 customer support with personalized solutions as needed.
  • Import from AliExpress, 50 items at a time. Unlimited product reviews
  • Send automatic review request emails, show discounts for adding a photo
  • Boost organic traffic by distributing reviews to social media channels including Facebook and Instagram.

Pricing offers a free plan for store owners with up to 50 monthly store orders review requests. Looking to climb the reviews ladder and build stronger connections with your customers?

The Basic — at $9.99/month — and Growth — at $29.99/month — offer all you would need to do just that.

Fera Product Reviews 

Merging both video and photo reviews, Fera is the best package for collating reviews across multiple platforms including Amazon and AliExpress. Developed by Fera Commerce Inc, this app offers customization options for showcasing reviews in your store.

Having accumulated more than five thousand reviews since launch, we agree that Fera is one of the best product review apps for Shopify, worthy of its 4.9 Shopify rating. Its other features include:

  • Easy integration with Amazon, Etsy, Aliexpress, and other ecommerce websites, for sellers who transact across platforms.
  • Google Snippet features for custom product reviews.
  • Multiple integration and collation options even for sellers with a limited budget.
  • Incentives to encourage submission of reviews after using the app.


Fera offers a free plan for all Shopify users. Other pricing options can be seen in the snapshot below


Loox’s tagline says: “Social proof that looks amazing.” And they’re right. With Loox, you can collect authentic, stunning photo and video feedback, reach new audiences with automated one-click referrals, and customize widgets that load at blinking speed.

At the time of writing, over sixteen thousand Loox users commend it not only for its customer-oriented features but also for its easy-to-navigate interface. Loox encourages upselling for store owners through its social proof displays.

Other features include:

  • Blends into the aesthetic of a range of Shopify themes.
  • Collect product reviews on auto-pilot and convert them into beautiful widgets.
  • Sync reviews from and to Google Search, Shop Apps, and Meta Shops.
  • Technical, 24/7 customer support.


Good things, like Loox, often don’t come free. However, Loox’s pocket-friendly plans include the Reviews plan and the Full Social Proof plan. At $9.99/month and $14.99/month respectively, these plans give you all you need to upsell, refer, and expand your business.

Why Product Reviews?

Shopify product reviews fast-track the purchasing journey for new products.

We all have that experience of trying out a new Netflix series because our best friend kept waxing good about the plot development, the unbelievable characters? Sometimes, the series ends up being an underwhelming watch, but we don’t complain cause the friend said it was good.

Product reviews perform a similar function. They:

Foster Trust

It’s not unusual to see a first-time buyer scroll over to the product review section to see what other users are saying about your product.

The best product reviews testify to the quality of your offerings as well as the consistency of your product. This is particularly true for products that display reviews spanning several months or a few years.

Create Room for Improvement

Product reviews are a pointer to how you should fine-tune your product. They highlight what feature, tool, or service that needs to work better or faster.

Read through ten Shopify reviews and you’d find that most of them are built from an experience the user had. Hence, statements like, “Y was very patient with my questions as I struggled to…”. Seeing this, you can extract what to improve on. You also create credibility with new users who see that your product reviews are a balanced mix of praises and critiques.

We previously published a detailed guide to working with Shopify product reviews. We also proposed the best practices for obtaining product reviews on Shopify. Find the post here.


The best product review apps discussed in this post serve one purpose: create trust through third-party reviews. You won’t find a need for every app. However, with this guide, you can reduce the process of trying and abandoning apps in the bid to find the perfect fit.

If you’re struggling to get reviews, it may be because you’re not making as much sales as you can. Before creating trust with reviews, you need a pool of consistent buyers who frequently boost your store’s average order value.

Looking to reach more customers and sell more? Adoric helps Shopify merchants like you convert more store visitors into paying customers. Reach out to us today to see how we do just that.

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