Best Email Copywriting Courses and Resources for Marketers

best email copywriting courses

Are you looking for the best email copywriting courses to up your email marketing game? Read on!

If you’re a marketer or a business owner, you sure need to write copies to sell your business.

You’ve got the option of hiring a copywriter to do this. But that’s not free, you know.

And if you can’t afford that just yet, why not roll up your sleeves and learn how to crank out copies that convert?

Thankfully, you don’t have to scour the internet for resources because we’ve done all the heavy lifting for you.

This post will give you the best email copywriting courses and resources to help you learn the copywriting skills you need to be a better marketer.

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Email Copywriting Courses and Resources

1. Blackford Center for Copywriting

email copywriting courses

Blackford Center offers a paid in-depth diploma course that teaches how to write great copy for your business. It will also show you the secret of great copywriting professionals and take you through the lessons at your pace.

All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. With those, you can study this course from home (or anywhere for that matter). If you want, they’ll also send a printed edition right to your doorstep. You’ll have to pay extra for this, though.

If you’re a visual learner, you will really like this course. The reason is, it consists of videos to make learning easier for you.

In addition to that, it also includes quizzes, challenges, and exciting assignments that are marked by an experienced tutor. These exercises are an excellent way to help you track your learning progress.

Apart from all these, you’ll get support from a tutor or course advisor and access to a community of fellow learners.

After completing the course, you’ll still get access to the support you need to get started as a certified professional copywriter.

2. The Copywriting Kickstarter Course

best email copywriting courses

The Copywriting Kickstarter Course takes you through copywriting from start to finish. It uses proven teaching methods to take you through a step-by-step instructional process of writing compelling copy for emails.

It is also broken down into bite-sized, digestible lessons to help you remember each concept you learn easily. The course comes with videos, PDFs, downloadable templates, and worksheets.

You also get to be part of a community of copywriting enthusiasts and professionals. As a member of this community, you’ll get access to peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and professional advice from the pros.

In addition to those, there’ll be competitions with prizes and a weekly office hour where you get to talk with the CEO or Head Writer of the academy.

This course costs just $290 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Professional Copywriting Course by Transmedia

Email marketing course

Transmedia’s Professional Copywriting Course is a one-day remote training for marketing and communication professionals. If you live in London, you can book a physical class instead.

This course will teach you the techniques for writing persuasive and convincing email copies.

In the course, you’ll learn how to understand your audience, write effective subject lines that will grab and sustain their attention and make them carry out your desired action.

To enroll in this course, simply head to their website and choose your preferred date from a list of available dates. You’ll be required to pay a fee of $345.

4. Copywriting Essentials Course

best email copywriting courses

The Copywriting Essentials Course is created by the Association of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising. It teaches the fundamentals of writing good copy with compelling headlines.

You can either take the course in person or online. The course spans a total of 8-10 hours, and if you opt for the online option, you’ll have access to it for 6 months.

The class covers practical exercises and examples to help you structure your writing process. It is broken down into 4 modules to make it easy for you to digest.

This course costs $650 for members of the Association of Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising and $890 for non-members.

5. Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups

email marketing courses

If you would rather enroll in a course that gives you easy access to the author, the Sales and Persuasion Skills for Startups is your best bet.

The course is targeted at entrepreneurs, business executives, and startups who use email marketing to promote their products.

You’ll learn important techniques like understanding people’s motives for buying, turning needs into wants, turning objections into sales opportunities, and many more.

The course is self-paced and goes for $180.

6. Pixar in a Box by Khan Academy


email courses

What has storytelling got to do with email copywriting? Plenty!

But I’ll tell you just one: Remember that you need to grab your reader’s attention from the get-go of your email and sustain it till the end? Everyone likes a good story, so what better way is there to make your readers do what you want them to do.

Remember Pixar? The computer animation studio that creates the animated movies that we love so much? They are giving out their secrets in the Pixar in a Box course (in partnership with Khan Academy).

This course teaches the art of great storytelling with engaging video lessons that you can watch at your own time.

As for the cost, it’s totally free. How awesome is that?

7. Simple Writing System by John Carlton

email copywriting

The Simple Writing System by John Carlton is a free mini-course that comes highly recommended (the testimonials do say so themselves).

This course teaches you how to get inside the heads of your target audience, market the value of your product without sounding creepy or sales and grab their attention while at it.

It also shows you how to close more deals using a proven technique that you can repeat in every email copy you write.

To enroll in this course, head over to the website, sign up, and you’ll get an email with a link to each video every day. You can also watch all the videos while sitting on the website if that works better for you.

8. Complete Guide to Copywriting by QuickSprout

Quicksprout guide to copywriting

The Complete Guide to Copywriting made it to this list because it walks you through copywriting from start to finish. It’s a long but valuable read that will teach you what you need to know to write effective email copy.

The guide begins with helping you understand your product, your customers, and the best way to connect the two. It also gives tips for customer research.

You’ll learn how to write great subject lines and headlines, highlight the benefits of your products as it relates to your customers’ pain points, and how to deliver a solid call to action.

The best part of this guide is that it illustrates its points with examples to make them actionable. What’s more, this resource is free to access. So, go read it up.

9. Copywriting 101 – How to Craft Compelling Copy

Copywriting course

Copywriting 101 is a 10-lesson ebook by Copyblogger that teaches the fundamentals of direct-response copywriting. You’ll learn the techniques that will help you strategically deliver words through your emails that will drive people to take action.

To access this ebook for free, simply provide your email address and you’ll get it almost immediately.

Copyblogger also provides other free valuable copywriting resources like ebooks, newsletters, and articles that you’ll find helpful on your way to mastering email copywriting. Simply go to their website and explore it to your heart’s content.

10. Digital Marketer’s Copywriting Mastery

Copywriting training

If you have more interest in direct-response emails, Digital Marketer’s Copywriting Mastery is the course for you. Direct response copy refers to copywriting that’s purely persuasive. It’s written with the sole intention of getting the reader to do a specific thing.

This course runs for 7.5 hours, and you can take it at your own pace. It comes with loads of resources that make learning a breeze.

It consists of 6 modules which come to a total of 42 videos in all. These modules are taught by industry experts with significant experience. You also get a workbook to take notes with to avoid losing track of what you’re learning.

Some of the extra resources you get when you enroll for this course include the 50 best sales letters and ads, downloadable handouts, guides, swipe files, checklists, and more.

After completing the course, you’ll earn a certification upon taking a short assessment. The Digital Marketer’s Copywriting Mastery course costs $495.

11. Copy Hackers

Copywriting course

Joanna Wiebe’s course, Copy Hackers, offers lots of valuable copywriting resources for free. These include video courses, weekly tutorials, articles, newsletters, etc. These resources will surely help to sharpen your skills.

However, if you’re looking for a specialized course, they have one on email copywriting called the 10x Emails. This course gives you a step-by-step plan that takes the guesswork out of your email copywriting and helps you write emails that produce conversions every time.

The 10x Emails course comes with email copy templates that you can customize for each email you send. The lessons are completely actionable, and you get to take quizzes at the end of each one.

What’s more, you get a personalized badge of completion if you score above 85% on average. This course costs only $497 or a monthly fee of $48.50 for 12 months.

12. Copywriting Course

course on email writing

The Copywriting Course by Neville Medhora offers an array of online copywriting courses and a community of copywriters you can interact with even after completing the course.

This course uses a hands-on teaching approach. This means that you get to write test emails and get them reviewed by instructors and other copywriting professionals. They’ve also got video lessons you can take at your own pace.

Access to the entire course currently costs $97 monthly and $497 for a whole year.

Neville Medhora also has other valuable videos on his Kopywriting Kourse YouTube channel. This is an excellent place to start if you’re not ready to make a financial commitment to the courses on the website.

13. Alex Cattoni’s YouTube Channel

Alex Catonni course

YouTube isn’t just for entertainment. It can be a valuable educational tool too. You probably know this already anyway. Alex Cattoni’s YouTube channel is great for learning email copywriting.

Alex teaches tips and tricks for writing killer email copies in this course. She releases new episodes of the course every Wednesday. This means fresh content for you.

14. AWAI – How to Write High Impact Emails

Awai copywriting course

AWAI stands for the American Writers & Artists Institute. They offer a home-study email copywriting course called “How to Write High Impact Emails”. This course is perfect for beginners and was created in collaboration with one of the best copywriters in the industry.

This course teaches how to write compelling subject lines, call-to-action. It also comes with many real-life email copywriting examples to make learning more practical.

You also get an opportunity to try out what you learn with assignments structured to make the concepts stick.

It also comes with templates to help make your email copywriting faster and seamless. Additionally, you will find a checklist and a cheat sheet for quick reference.

With a fee of $497, you can get access to this course on the AWAI platform for a whole year.

15. Mini Copywriting Course by CopywriteMatters

Mini copywriting course

This mini-course by CopywriteMatters is a free copywriting course that introduces you to the fundamentals of writing excellent copy. It teaches you this via three tips that are broken down into smaller lessons.

The knowledge you get from this course will help you turn rather uninteresting product features into mind-blowing benefits and make your email copy customer-centric.

After signing up for this course, you’ll get daily emails for each day’s lesson.

But if you so desire, you may decide to binge-watch all the lessons at a go. It’s totally up to you!

16. LinkedIn Learning Email Copywriting Courses

LinkedIn copywriting course

LinkedIn Learning (formerly offers a wide array of email copywriting courses. Whether you’re a newbie at copywriting or already familiar with the craft, you’ll find a course that has just what you need.

LinkedIn Learning, however, doesn’t come totally free.  You’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $29.99 after a 30-day free trial to get access to all the courses you want.  You can also opt for an annual subscription that comes to $19.99 per month.

If you don’t want to pay a subscription fee, you can buy individual courses at varied prices instead.

17. Skillshare Copywriting Courses

Skillshare copywriting course

Skillshare is another learning platform that offers numerous copywriting courses that can help you kickstart your copywriting journey. One of these is an introductory email copywriting course that teaches basic email copywriting.

The email copywriting course is taught by Susan Tucker, a Hubspot certified professional specializing in digital marketing strategy, social media consulting, blogging, content, and email marketing.

In this course, she teaches the three key types of marketing emails. You’ll also learn how to send the right message to the right audience segment, create compelling calls-to-action, and how to increase sales without “selling”.

This course also comes with a workbook and assignments to help you track your learning progress.

For pricing, Skillshare has a free basic plan. However, to get unlimited access to all its courses, you’ll have to pay a membership fee of about $8 monthly or $32 yearly after a 7-day free trial.

18. Udemy


Udemy is a popular platform with numerous courses across many topics and disciplines. It’s got courses on email copywriting too. (No surprise there, right?)

If you’re looking for courses to learn email copywriting, email copywriting best practices, you’ll find many helpful courses to choose from.

Here’s one of the email copywriting courses you’ll find on the platform:

Udemy email copywriting

Udemy courses are relatively affordable and cost anywhere between $10 and $200 for a course. Sometimes, you can get discounts of up to 90% on courses. This means that you can enroll in as many as you need without breaking the bank.


There you have it:  the best email copywriting courses and resources to get your copywriting off the ground.

Use any combination of these resources, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming an email copy rockstar. What’s more, your conversions will increase significantly.

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