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lead generation ideas for saas startup
20 Lead Generation Ideas for SaaS Startups

Generating leads can be tough work for new startups. But you can win with the right strategies. Here are 20 lead generation ideas you can try for your SaaS startup.

How to Add an Email Opt-in Popup to Your WordPress Blog Easily

Get more subscribers to sign up for your blog newsletter by using an email opt-in popup. Learn how to create one in WordPress with Adoric.

Customer loyalty
How to Boost Engagement With Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs can help boost engagement, and, of course, loyalty with your customers. Learn how to set up and run one successfully in this post.

Black Friday marketing strategies
7 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Double Your Sales

Looking for Black Friday marketing strategies to use this coming holiday shopping season? We’ve got 7 battle-tested strategies that work like magic.

10 Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Real Estate

Are you looking to generate leads for your real estate business? You are in luck! Here are 10 effective lead generation strategies that work.

A Guide to Creating and Optimizing Customer Journey Map

Creating a concise Customer Journey Map can help improve your customer experience retention rate. Learn how to create and optimize one in this post.

Countdown timer WordPress
How to Add a Countdown Timer to WordPress

Adding a countdown timer to your WordPress website can help create a sense of urgency with your visitors, and hence increase your conversion rate. Learn how to go about it in this post.

How to Create an Inline Opt-in Form in WordPress

Do you want to add an inline opt-in form to your WordPress website or blog? Adoric can help. Learn how to go about that in this post.

WordPress Notification Bar Plugin
15 Best Notification Bar Plugins for WordPress 2021

Are you looking to make an announcement, promote sales offers, get signups for your webinar, without being intrusive? A notification bar plugin is what you need. Here are 15 of them.