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10 Tips to Improve Average Order Value

The Average Order Value can be defined as the average amount of money your average customer spends on a single order. Here’s how you can increase your AOV.

Top Reasons for Shopping Cart Abandonment – and How to Fix It

Cart abandonment is a common problem most businesses battle all the time. If you run a store online, there is a good chance you are having the same problem. Read more to learn how to fix it.

exit-intent cover image
Exit Intent: How to Use Them With Real-Life Examples

Exit-intent popups can help you retain visitors and make more sales. Here are some great examples of how they work with some cool exit-intent tips.

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Email Marketing Automation: 20 Tools to Try

Email automation allows marketers to sync business activities with the customer buying cycle. Check here for some of the best marketing automation tools.

What is a Good Conversion Rate and How to Improve It

Conversion rate can be defined as the percentage of users that complete a specific action. Check here for tips on how to calculate and increase the rate.

How to Decrease Website Bounce Rate: 12 Tips That Work

If you’re trying to market your site and make more sales then it’s important that you know what website bounce rate is all about.

15 Best Shopify Apps To Boost Conversion and Sales

Finding the best Shopify app that rightly fits your business can be time-consuming and stressful. You literally have to sort through thousands of apps on Shopify marketplace to find what you are looking for.
We’ve handpicked 15 apps guaranteed to help you increase conversion, customer loyalty, and most importantly sales!

Your Ultimate Newsletter Popup Guide: How to Create Kickass Email Popups

Building an email list is essential to success in business. It can be used to market new products, keep clients loyal, and inform prospects about the latest offers and products. An empty email list, however, will not be able to do all these, which is why businesses spend thousands on growing their email lists.

How to Use Countdown Timers to boost Conversions with Examples

Nowadays, businesses use a variety of tactics to attract and entice customers to buy their products and services. 
One such tactic is the use of ‘countdown timer’. In this article, we’ll talk about what a countdown timer does, and how you can use it to carve a niche for yourself.