20 Back to School Marketing Campaign Templates for 2021

Back to school marketing templates

Are you looking for back-to-school marketing campaign ideas and tools to make the most of this shopping season?

We’ve got your back!

To help you drive massive sales this shopping season, we’ve created a ton of campaign marketing templates specifically designed for back-to-school sales promotion.

These templates are highly editable, thanks to our intuitive drag-and-drop builder.

They are composed of popups, slide-ins, and floating bars.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into it!

1. Hello Yellow Popup

back to school campaign template Use this template

Books, bags, pencils….these are some of the items parents would be buying now as their kids prepare to head back to school.

If you sell any of those, then this popup template shouldn’t be missing in your marketing arsenal.

It is highly tweakable, and you can style it the way you want in a matter of minutes.

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2. Back to School Sales Promo Popup

Back to school marketing templateUse this template

Who said back to school should only be limited to high school kids? College students also mark back to school, too.

Therefore, if you sell laptop computers, tablets, or whatever product college students will find relevant, this popup template is for you.

Don’t like the picture and/or the color scheme used here? You can always swap them out without hassles, thanks to Adoric’s design editor.

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3.  Cool Orange Sales Promotion Popup

Back-to-school templateUse this template

Orange is the new cool. This pop-up template couldn’t be any cooler.

Use it to drive traffic to your product page this back-to-school shopping season, and watch your sales rise astronomically.

Every element you see here is editable. And you don’t need to know a lick about coding to adjust this template however you please.

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4. White on Blue Popup Template

Use this template

Do you run an affiliate program for a school?

Or maybe you run an online education program and you are looking to get as many students as possible to enroll?

This popup template is for you.

It’s a template, so you can style it however you deem fit.

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5. Back-to-school Green-themed Popup Template

back to Use this template

Up your back-to-school marketing campaign with this elegant popup template.

You might be tempted to think that it’s meant for booksellers alone, but just about anybody can use it.

If the colors, font style, and image used in this design don’t fit your website’s branding, you can always change them.

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6. Back to School Sales Promotion Popup

Use this template

Educational accessories will be in high demand this back-to-school shopping season.

Why not take full advantage of it by using this popup to promote educational items to shoppers on your website?

It’s easy to tweak.

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7. Blue-themed Back to School Popup

Use this template

Running a back-to-school promo campaign has never been more fun, thanks to this elegant popup.

Though having a rather simple design, be sure it will do what it is meant to do: capture the attention of potential customers surfing your website.

The coolest part is that with our trigger and targeting feature, you can make this popup show when you want it to. And to the people you want it to.

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8. Brownish-orange Popup for Back-to-school Sales Promo

Template for Back-to-schoolUse this template

Delight parents and guardians looking to send their little loved ones back to school with this stylish popup.

The orange-to-brown gradient alone is highly captivating. So, be rest assured that nobody will miss your campaign. And that means higher conversion and sales.

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9. Discount Promotion Popup

Use this template

Are you running a massive sales promo this coming September as kids head back to school? Let their parents and guardians know about it by using this popup.

It’s just too bold not to be noticed and engaged with.

Plus, there’s nothing about this popup template that you can change or tweak.

If you so desire, you can even add a countdown timer to this popup. This will make prospective customers jump at your offers without dilly-dallying.

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10. Book and Pencil Sales Popup Template

Use this template

Get a little creative this time around with your back-to-school sales promo by using this popup template. It’s ideal for driving traffic to your sales and product pages.

Then sit back and watch how your sales will shoot up for the skies.

Make it completely yours by swapping out whatever element you feel doesn’t sit well with you.

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11. 2-step Popup Template

Use this template

Would you like to thank your visitors for signing up for your back-to-school sales promo?

Or, perhaps, you want to send them to another page on your website once they’ve signed up?

This 2-step popup template is for you.

Click the link before to start using it right away

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12. Energetic, Green-styled Popup Template

gree back to school marketing templateUse this template

Create excitement and youthfulness by showing visitors on your website this popup.

Do you have a better cover image other than the one used here? No problems. You can always switch it up.

You can even add a video to this popup if you want.

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13. Back to School Slide-in Template

Slider template back to school campaignUse this template

Do you worry that a fullscreen popup might annoy and scare potential customers away from your website?

Slide-in boxes like this one are the next best solution.

Like popups, they also command attention, but only in a subtle way.

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14. Sleek, Simple Slide-in

Slide-in templateUse this template

We’ve got some more slide-in campaign templates designed especially for back-to-school sales promotion, and this is one of them.

Simple, sleek, and modern, this slide is sure to draw the attention of your visitors.

Make it more catchy by adding graphic design elements such as GIFs, illustrations, and icons. They are all accessible for free from our design editor.

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15. Orange-colored Slide-in

Use this template

Grow your mailing list in preparation for the upcoming shopping season by showing your visitors this slide-in.

What’s more, Adoric allows you to place this slide-in wherever you want on your webpage. This could be at the top, middle, or bottom.

On top of that, you can make it appear on whatever page you desire on your website: home, about, product, or even contact page.

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16. Discount Sales Slide-in Template

back to school marketing campaign slide-inUse this template

You have seen this design somewhere in this post previously, haven’t you? It’s pretty much the same as template #9, isn’t it?

Well, that’s quite observant of you because this is the slide-in variant of that popup. So also are the other templates starting from #13; they are the slide-in variants of the popups we started with.

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17. Slide-in Template with Orange-brown Gradient

Use this template

What other back-to-school marketing idea could be better than using this slide-in on your website?

It’s sure to help you captivate the attention of your visitors. And when you have, make them perform whatever action you want: shop from your store or visit another page on your website.

Alternatively, you can make them drop their emails for marketing purposes by adding an opt-in form to this slide-in.

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18. Floating Bar for Back to School Sales Promo

back to school floating bar templateUse this template

So far, we’ve shared with you popups and slide-in campaign templates.

But if none has caught your fancy yet, this floating bar definitely will. It’s nothing close to being invasive, but attention-grabbing at the same time.

Have a specific brand guideline you wish to follow? No problems. Adoric can automatically pick out your website’s branding elements: color, font style, etc., and apply them to this template at the click of the button.

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19. Blue Floating Bar Template

Use this template

Hoping you could find another floating bar to run your campaign? Well, we’ve got this one here.

And guess what?

You can make this floating bar appear at the bottom of your webpage instead of the traditional top position.

Want to make things a little bit more interesting? Add an animation effect to this floating bar.

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20. Back to School Marketing Campaign Floating Bar

Back to school floating bar Use this template

The last – but definitely not the, well, last – on our list today is the floating bar template you see above.

Use it to run your back-to-school marketing campaign by telling visitors about your upcoming sales promos, discount offers, etc.

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